Global Ammonium Phosphatide Market Projected to Reach US$ 38.5 Mn Revenue and 6.1% CAGR through 2018

Published: Tue Sep 17 2019

Fact.MR has published a new research report on global ammonium phosphatide market sizes, upcoming industry trends and growth opportunity through 2018-2028 to its online database that tries to unveil the various scenarios prevailing in the ammonium phosphatide market. This assessment delivers a smart compilation of primary and secondary data which provides a clear insight about the future plans expected to impact the ammonium phosphatide market. This study comprises of prominent data which makes it a beneficial source for investors, analysts and industry experts to acquire necessary knowledge associated to the fundamental market trends, opportunities and growth drivers.

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Global Ammonium Phosphatide Market: Key Insights

In June 2007, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a GRAS notification allowing its use as an emulsifier in vegetable fat coatings and chocolates. Ammonium phosphatide market has picked up pace ever since, witnessing healthy growth at 4% CAGR during 2013-2017. In 2018, the ammonium phosphatide market exceeded US$ 38.5 million, and it is likely to grow consistently at 6.1% per annum during 2018-2028. Europe will continue to be the largest market for ammonium phosphatide, as chocolate and confectionery manufacturers in leading European countries, such as Germany, as well as Eastern European countries are rapidly replacing lecithin with ammonium phosphatide as an emulsifier. South Asia is likely to emerge as the fastest growing market for ammonium phosphatide with a mounting number of food additive manufacturers investing in developing Asian countries, such as India and Indonesia

 What’s driving the Ammonium Phosphatide Market?

  • Being a non-GMO and allergen-free emulsifier, ammonium phosphatide is gaining popularity in chocolate manufacturing as a sustainable alternative for lecithin in chocolate manufacturing. Ammonium phosphatides are outperforming and replacing lecithin in giving chocolate manufacturers more control over chocolate’s plastic viscosity and improving consistency of the end-product

  • Though chocolate industry is one of the leading industrial customers for ammonium phosphatide market players, increasing applications of ammonium phosphatide in ice cream coatings is supporting market growth

  • Owing to its neutral and odorless flavor profile, ammonium phosphatide is likely to witness increasing demand as a food additive in various food applications, as it does not have a negative impact on the flavor of end-products

  • Ammonium phosphatides prove to be cost-saving and energy-efficient food additives for confectioners, as other emulsifiers, such as lecithin, consume more cocoa butter and other food ingredients and add to the manufacturing costs

  • Growing consumer preferences for food products with low-calorie and low-fat ingredients will bolster applications of ammonium phosphatide as a healthy food additive in various food manufacturing sectors

  • Favorable regulatory framework can boost applications of ammonium phosphatide in the food industry, as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel recently re-evaluated the safety of consuming ammonium phosphatides (E 442) as a food additive at permitted use levels without creating any safety concerns

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Ammonium Phosphatide Market: The Competitive Landscape

  • In October 2018, Palsgaard A/S – a leading manufacturer in the ammonium phosphatide market – announced that it has collaborated with four new distribution partners – ATOM FZCO, Alawsaj General Trading Co. Ltd, Brenntag Saudi Arabia, and Gusto – to carry the full portfolio of Palsgaard emulsifiers and stabilizers in the Middle East. The company aims to improve its presence in leading Middle Eastern countries, such as Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, and United Arab Emirates, with the help of its new distribution partners.

  • In October 2018, Lasenor Emul, S.L. – another leading player in the ammonium phosphatide market – announced that it has launched its new organic soya lecithin product – Verolec Organic. The company also declared that the new organic soya lecithin is originated in the U.S. with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic Certification. This may make a significant impact on the competitive landscape of the ammonium phosphatide market.

Leading stakeholders, including manufacturers and suppliers, in the ammonium phosphatide market featured in the FactMR market report include Palsgaard A/S, Fine Organics Industries Private Ltd, and Lasenor Emul, S.L. Other key players from the related ingredient markets include BASF SE, Cargill Inc., Puratos NV, DowDuPont Inc., Ivanhoe Industries Inc., Lonza Group Plc, Kerry Group Plc, Stephan Company, and Oleon NV.

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