Bivy Sacks Market Steady Growth to be Witnessed by 2018-2028

Published: Tue Sep 17 2019

Global Bivy Sacks Market Overview

One of the best ways to reduce weight while planning for mountaineering or hiking, is by eradicating a tent. An excellent alternative to a tent is bivy sack. A bivy sack can compete with even the most lightweight tent in the market. Bivy sack is made of fabric with positive respiration, fully-taped seams, storm flap, sleeping pad straps, hydro seal coated waterproof floor, internal mesh pockets, overhead shock corded delrin pole and mosquito net. From the rugged desert landscape to mountain meadows to hanging campsites high on the cliff sides to snowy unplanned bivys, bivy sacks fits a variety of conditions. A bivy sack can keep an individual well-ventilated in the summers and dry during the rain. The bivy sacks market is majorly driven by the increasing popularity of trekking and camping, as they provide an escape from a hectic life. These factors will boost the overall bivy sacks market and is anticipated to grow in the forecast period. Global bivy sacks market is well-established in various sports industries, while some protective measures are presently in the introductory phase of the global bivy sacks market are more likely to gain popularity in the forecast period.

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Global Bivy Sacks Market Dynamics

The primary factor driving the bivy sacks market is the rapid innovations in its features including weather resistance, condensation resistance and proper breathability in bivy sacks, to offer a perfect-protective shield. Alternate factors driving the global bivy sacks market is the developing urbanization, a vast number of working population and the prevalent product (bivy sacks) quality. Thus, manufacturers of bivy sacks are becoming increasingly concerned regarding the design and quality of the bivy sacks and are providing their best offerings for bivy sacks. Moreover, growing high net worth individual population across the globe is projected to increase the growth of the bivy sacks market over the forecast period.

On the contrary, bivy sacks cover has its drawbacks too. As compared to tents, bivy sacks are much smaller, making them dearer. Although, if planning for an overnight hiking trip, bivy sacks are the better option. Moreover, in comparison with tents, bivy sacks can be set-up faster. In adverse weather conditions, this feature is most useful. However, the backpacks will have to be left outside as bivy sacks are too small to accommodate them. In general, for short overnight hikes in humid climates, bivy sacks are ideal to consider. Key players in the global bivy sacks market are expected to benefit primarily from the development of new features for bivy sack materials from the rising demand in the emerging regions.

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Global Bivy Sacks Market Segmentation

Bivy sacks include the following segments:

The global bivy sacks market can be segmented on the basis of material type as:

3-layer fabrics (consist of a face fabric, an inner fabric and membrane)
2.5-layer fabrics (consist of face fabric, a non-fabric inner layer and coating or membrane)
2-layer fabrics (consist of a face fabric and membrane or coating)
Other product types
The global bivy sacks market can be segmented on the basis of application as:

Alpine Climbing
Emergency shelter
The global bivy sacks market can be segmented on the basis of sales channel as:

Direct Sales
Modern Trade
Distribution Channel
Specialty Store
Online Stores
Other Sales Channel
The global bivy sacks market can be segmented on the basis of region as

North America
Latin America
CIS & Europe
Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
Middle East & Africa (MEA)
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Global Bivy Sacks Market Regional Overview

The developed economies of North America and Europe have a large number of prominent bivy sacks companies with high investment capability and significant demand for bivy sacks equipment. Demand for bivy sacks is much lower in Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions, which are rapidly emerging areas for the sports industry. Therefore, North America & Europe are expected to account for a large market size for bivy sacks while Latin America and Asia Pacific region are projected to witness sluggish growth. As China and Japan are highly capable of manufacturing a large variety of bivy sacks at an economical cost, the manufacturing industry of bivy sacks in these countries is making an effort to boost the bivy sacks market in the Asia Pacific region.

Global Bivy Sacks Market Key Players

Some of the key players in the bivy sacks market are

Clever Hiker
Best Hiking
Appalachian Ultralight
Cross Canvas Company
Exo Mountain Gear
Other Key Players

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