Gear reduction motor Market Projected to Witness a Single-Digit CAGR During 2018-2027

Published: Wed Sep 18 2019

Gear reduction is a process by which input speed can be lowered for the requirement of a slower output speed with the same torque, and a gear reduction system consists of rotating gears that change the torque to achieve the required result. Gear reduction motors has been used more and more in industrial equipment for infrastructural development as a way to increase torque while reducing the speed of the equipment. From production lines to wind mill turbines, popularity of the gear reduction motor has been steadily growing in recent years.

Gear reduction motors have separate applications– as speed reducers and as torque reducers, and are being used increasingly as reliable gear reduction units are critical across many industrial applications. The more common application of a gear reduction motor is to reduce speed while increasing torque, as it is used in conveyer belt systems. Gear reduction motors are also used in the opposite manner in windmills to produce electricity where it is used to increase rotational speed – less torque and more speed.

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With gear reduction motors are being used to improve process efficiency opening up prospects for manufacturers to widen the scope of industrial applications of gear reduction motors during the forecast period of 2019-2027.

Gear reduction motor is widely used in automobile, bicycles, conveyer systems and other industrial and material handling equipment to increase torque while reducing the speed. The gear reduction motor typically reduces speed to avert the loss of control in rotating systems, for example, from the engine of a vehicle to its wheel. By altering the ratio of rotation of two mechanical parts, gear reduction motor can change the energy input, thereby suitable for heavy duty applications including lifting, tank fabrication and in construction and mining industries. The gear reduction motors are highly reliable, durable, ideal for heavy load application, and offers various mechanical advantages by reducing the speed of rotating equipment. These are the key factors driving the demand for global gear reduction motors.

Gear reduction motor market has been gaining high traction in the recent years with its rising scope of application. Owing to rapid industrial growth and increasing infrastructural development activities, gear reduction motor market is likely to witness steady growth in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific. In addition, large scale vehicle production along with increasing number airports that largely adopt conveyer belt is expected to accelerate the growth of gear reduction motor market in the region.

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Efficient Torque Management in Conveyor Belts to Complement the Use of Gear Reduction Motors

Demand for conveyor belts has been increasing at a significant rate owing to increasing number of manufacturing plants that require conveyor belts to carry out material handling and transportation within the factory premises. Increasing number of airport construction projects have been witnessed since past year. For instance, in India, government is planning to launch 100 airports in the coming 15 years with a high investment of 4 lakh crore. This is expected to present potential opportunities for the installation of conveyor belts, which consequently would have a positive impact on gear reduction motors.

Conveyor belts need managed speed to torque ratio as they run on low speeds. However, conveyor belts require additional torque owing to the weight they carry while transportation. Gear reduction motors offer enhanced torque increment alongside speed reduction without causing stoppages. This factor is expected to influence the growth of the gear reduction motors market during the period of forecast.

Focus on Reducing Corrosion and Contamination: A Key Focus Area for Manufacturers

Gear reduction motors are widely used across various end use industries and under extreme conditions, during which external agents can cause higher amount of corrosion to the gears and the motor alike, which can increase the risk of contamination to the end product. This challenge has been addressed by key stakeholders as they are developing novel gear reduction motors that largely reduce or eliminate the chances of corrosion, flaking, scratching and chipping. Such aseptic gear reduction motors can be used in critical applications in which process and product hygiene is of high importance, such as food manufacturing, meat processing, processing of dairy products, manufacturing of bakery and confectionery products, pharmaceuticals and brewing. The use of such aseptic gear reduction motors is expected to enhance the scope of their use in the said industries, consequently favoring the growth of the global gear reduction motors market during the period of assessment.

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Growing Use of Earth Moving Equipment Could Potentially Further the Growth of Gear Reduction Motors

Growing mining activities across emerging and developed economies has been offering significant growth opportunities for the earth moving equipment and related machinery. The adoption of earth moving equipment is expected to aid the growth in gear reduction motors that are used to control the speed and increase the torque while carrying out lifting operations and excavation activities. Apart from mining, the growth in the construction activities is also anticipated to spur the adoption of earth moving equipment. Increase in number of infrastructure and construction projects across the globe have fuelled the sales of heavy earth moving machinery. For instance, Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project (U.S.), Water Transfer Project (China), London Cross rail Project (UK), Gujarat International Finance Tech City (India) and Khazar Islands (Azerbaijan) are few of the projects that have pushed the demand for these machines. This, in turn, has demanded efficient power transmission requirements, that include regulated torque increment with minimal load on engine, simultaneously reducing speeds as well as increasing them during lifting operations. This is expected to significantly fuel the adoption of gear reduction motors.

Market participants involved in gear reduction motors are focusing on improving gear torques for various asynchronous as well as synchronous applications. For example, Siemens AG has come up with SIMOGEAR gear reduction motor that offers high performance up to 55 kW from 0.09 kW achieving unit torque of 19.5 Nm. Other major participants in the global gear reduction motors market include Maxon Motor AG, BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI S.P.A., Dana Brevini Group, Altra Industrial Motion Corp., Elecon Engineering Company Limited, ABB Group, Anaheim Automation, Inc., Portescap, Johnson Electric, Framo Morat, Emerson Electric, Eaton Corporation, Bison Group, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, SEW-Eurodrive and BFT Automation UK Ltd., among others.

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