Vibratory Rammer Market Future Prospects and Business Development Strategies

Published: Thu Sep 19 2019

Fact.MR published an exclusive forecast report on the vibratory rammer market for the period of 2019-2029. The objective of this report on vibratory rammer market is to provide insights on market scenario, technological advancements, and demand generators in the vibratory rammer market. Also, the study on the vibratory rammer market addresses various key dynamics that are expected to diversify the sales and future prominence of the vibratory rammer market. The demand for vibratory rammers has increased significantly in the past few years, and the trend is likely to continue over the forecast period. The growing demand for road and highway maintenance along with growing infrastructure across the globe have created sufficient growth opportunities for vibratory rammer market players. Incessant rise in the road traffic will require continuous improvement and construction of roads, in both rural and urban areas, thereby potentially raising the demand for vibratory rammers. Apart from the conventional and favorable option of petrol and diesel units, the vibratory rammer market players have innovated and introduced battery operated rammers, considering an increased awareness among consumers with regard to pollution and depletion of fuel. Growing government concerns for carbon emitting vehicles and machineries, and imposition of stringent regulations to reduce carbon emissions have further boosted the sales of battery vibratory rammers. The higher demand for battery units is due to their multiple benefits such as, 100% emission free and noiseless operation.

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With growing infrastructure, the demand for roads and highways maintenance has increased more than the expected rate. The vibratory rammers are mostly used by contractors for road patch work, due to higher application along with lower price, thus eventually bolstering the vibratory rammer market. Growing construction activities particularly in the emerging economies has a positive impact on the global market. The vibratory rammers are small and compact in size and are easy to handle compared to other equipment in the construction industry. Due to ease of handling, the transportation of vibratory rammer becomes easier, so the rental services owner is preferring vibratory rammers, which has increased the market share of vibratory rammers in the global market. The rammer has an additional advantage due to its small and compact size and is well suited for small jobs. For large road work, the vibratory rammers behave as perfect partner to large compaction machines which are not able to get into every corner. On other hand, the factors affecting the growth of vibratory rammer market is the high maintenance cost thus reducing the demand and sales for the vibratory rammer. Rental and reuse market for road machinery is also a restraint for new equipment sales for major players and manufacturers existing in the vibratory rammer market.

The vibratory rammer has number of advantages; it is efficient and uses a simple method for compacting the soils. It saves a huge amount of time and effort against the traditional way. Soil compaction plays an essential part of the construction process. Soil compaction provides the necessary flat base, which further provides the crucial support for construction foundations, buildings, roads, pavements and various other construction structures. Increased demand for soil compaction before any construction activities have created ample opportunities for vibratory rammer market players. The soil compaction is projected to be the leading sector for vibratory rammer market, followed by asphalt compaction. The adoption of vibratory rammer is picking up pace in large, as well as small scale road constructions, which will eventually increase its demand in the coming years. The vibratory rammer saves time and decreases the labor cost, thereby gaining increasing momentum in pavement repairing.

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The construction industry in Europe is growing with an annual growth rate of more than 2%. Europe is the key region for vibratory rammer market. The European market for vibratory rammers is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR of ~ 4.5% and will represent a total incremental opportunity of ~ US$ 56 Mn during the forecast period. The initiative for greener buildings will also propel the growth of the European construction sector. France and the United Kingdom are considered to be the major markets for vibratory rammers, with more than 40% of share held by these two countries in the European Market. In North America, the U.S. vibratory rammer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% by value over the forecast period.

The vibratory rammer market in East Asia continues to witness a significant growth, in the view rapidly expanding construction industry. The demand for vibratory rammers, particularly in Japan, is rising at a vigorous pace due to the increasing infrastructure activities in the country. Manufacturers are further tapping into opportunities in developing countries including China, India, and South Korea. Moreover, China spent a significant amount on infrastructure and road construction from the total GDP Contribution.

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