Mill Liner Market Insights by Size, Status and Forecast 2029

Published: Thu Sep 19 2019

The cement business has been on a forward path over the past five decades. The rush of expansions, acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations has reshaped the global cement industry. The growing cement industry has created ample growth opportunities for grinding mills, which in turn are likely to drive the mill liners market. The demand for mill liners in the cement industry is highly anticipated to witness a momentous growth rate and is projected to reach about US$ 480 Mn 2029 end. Widening application scope of grinding mills in cement industries and the various mining sectors has also been supplementing the opportunities for mill liners in the global market. The demand for mill liners in the mining sector is however likely to witness healthy growth over the coming decade.

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Growing demand for ball mills has been positively influencing the overall mill liners market. The liners for ball mills are likely to reflect a healthy rate of growth in sales over the coming years, attributing to the remarkable rise in mineral dressing activities, which in turn are projected to create healthy growth opportunities for mill liners market participants.

Moreover, the superior throughput of rod mills continues to be an area of end users’ attention, thereby translating into the increase in demand. The demand for semi-autogenous mill and autogenous mill is also likely to gather pace over the course of years to come.

The replacement rate of mill liners is comparatively higher, which has increased demand for mill liners in the global market. Replacement of mill liners is thus likely to capture a majority of market value shares in the global mill liners landscape. On the other hand, demand for OEM mill liners will continue to showcase a steady rate of growth rate, which is why the market is expected to gain pace in the coming years with an increase in mill sales.

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The demand for steel mill liners has increased significantly in the past few years, and likely to remain prominent over the forecast period. The steel mill liners sales are estimated to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period. The resurgence of mining industry and growth of cement related industries have been creating ample growth opportunities for steel mill liners.

Research indicates that apart from steel mill liners, composite mill liners have been gaining notable traction in the global market over the recent past, which are projected to capture outstanding market shares in the global mill liners industry. The higher demand for composite mill liners is attributed to their lower wear rate and higher service life, when compared to other counterparts. However, the overall growth rate projected for the sales of composite mill liners will remain steady over the said period of time.

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