Alexandrite laser treatment Market size in terms of volume and value 2018-2026

Published: Fri Sep 20 2019

The increasing significance given to aesthetics and beauty in the modernized and changing lifestyles is providing a boost to the Alexandrite laser treatment Market The major enhancements with the use of alexandrite laser treatment help cater to the needs of consumers. The alexandrite laser treatment is being widely used for various treatments and enhancements related to skin and hair. The global market for alexandrite laser treatment is, therefore, projected to be elevating despite less number of providers in the key regions.

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The alexandrite laser treatment requires greater precision and accuracy for effective results owing to the demands of the consumers. Market players are constantly focusing on improving the service provided with the help of alexandrite laser treatment to significantly capture the market by ensuring that the patients can benefit from the treatment with optimal results. The alexandrite laser treatment market players are seen investing in a detailed understanding of the alexandrite laser treatment, to further gain a competitive advantage while leveraging the benefits of latest technologies.

Alexandrite laser uses alexandrite crystals as the source of the laser. Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) works on the principle of light emission and it is focused on particular body region to destroy diseased cells. Alexandrite laser is used to produce the specific wavelength of infrared light. It produces wavelength of 755 nm and it can also produce high-intensity beam in short pulses. Alexandrite laser works on the principle of light emission by laser and it is converted into heat energy. This process is called photothermolysis and heat energy is used to treat the wide variety of disease conditions. US FDA has approved alexandrite laser for various skin disorders. Alexandrite laser is used to treat vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, hair removal and tattoo removal. In case of vascular lesions, light pulses of alexandrite laser target red pigments of a body. In case of pigmented lesions, alexandrite laser target melanin at variable depth on or in the skin. In hair removal cases, pulse durations of 2 to 20 milliseconds are used to targets hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out and reduce the further growth.

Alexandrite laser treatment Market: Drivers and Restraints

Alexandrite laser treatment is considered as effective for all hair and skin types and it increases the scope of device application. The light emitted by alexandrite laser device is absorbed easily by the skin and is considered as the most effective method for treating skin disorders. It is considered as safe and effective due to fewer frequency wavelengths used to treat skin conditions. The market is primarily driven by a few key factors such as the inclination towards non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques like alexandrite laser for treating skin disorders.

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The market is likely to grow owing to the increasing awareness regarding alexandrite laser treatment procedures, and the equal effectiveness of non-invasive surgeries is expected to fuel the growth of alexandrite laser treatment market. The rising demand for such therapies has also evolved due to the limited post-surgical care requirements, which are among the factors that are expected to aid the growth of alexandrite laser treatment market over the forecast years. The increasing effectiveness of alexandrite laser treatment for pigmentation removal from the skin is growing in demand globally. All these factors act as a driver of the burgeoning growth of the alexandrite laser treatment market.

Lack of awareness regarding the alexandrite laser treatment in emerging economies is expected to restrain the growth of the alexandrite laser treatment market.

Global alexandrite laser treatment market has witnessed a robust growth due to increasing demand for devices. They are minimally invasive with minimum side effects and it is more advantageous compared to conventional techniques. Alexandrite laser treatment market has a presence of a few players which have a huge market share in global market operating at the country level. There are huge opportunities for the untapped markets across the world due to potential benefits of alexandrite laser treatment market. The key players in the alexandrite laser treatment market are mainly focused on R&D to accelerate the development due to a limited number of manufactures. The future of alexandrite laser treatment market anticipated with double growth rate during forecasting period.

Alexandrite laser treatment Market: Region-wise Overview

Global Alexandrite laser treatment Market is segmented into the following regions - North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa. North America is dominant in the global alexandrite laser treatment market mainly due to the increasing penetration. In North America, the USA is dominating the market due to high adoption among end users. Economic conditions in the APAC region are set to drive the alexandrite laser treatment market to new heights. Europe and APAC alexandrite laser treatment markets are fastest growing regions due to increasing awareness. Growth in the Middle East and African region is considerably less when compared to the other regions. However, North America is expected to maintain its position in the alexandrite laser treatment market, though, we are anticipating developed economies such as Australia to have the highest growth rate in alexandrite laser treatment market.

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