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Published: Fri Sep 20 2019

Social media is overflowing with airbrushed pictures of celebrities with perfectly groomed bodies staged in exotic locations, and such impeccable photographs are pressurizing youngsters to meet unattainable body-image standards. In the race to look flawless, growing number of people are spending on cosmetic treatments like lip fillers, Botox etc.Lip augmentation with fillers is performed by injecting the material in any anatomic part of the lip, allowing for a highly controlled and predictable result.In this world driven by looks, wherein people are highly concerned and conscious about looking good, lip filler market is likely to grow. Noting the growing influence of looks on people, players in cosmetic industry have been investing in technology, and want to gain a competitive edge in the sector.

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Lip fillers are approved by the FDA as medical devices, which can be prescribed and handled only by medical professionals. It has been approved for patients over the age of 21. For commercialization, lip fillers need a CE mark approval in Europe. However, they are non-prescription products that can be injected by anybody licensed by the medical authorities.

Lip or Dermal Fillers are Revolutionizing Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermal fillers have changed the picture of cosmetic dermatology, completely, as evidenced by the growing popularity and presence of huge number of products across the market. Fillers are called cosmetic device and is approved by FDA just for wrinkle management, but is still used for many other aesthetic and non-aesthetic indications too. Fillers easily achieve finer corrections.

Factors and Challenges: Lip Filler Market

Growing Urge to look good driving people towards cosmetic solutions

Lip fillers market is likely to grow as a result of the fast growing trend of using anti-ageing treatments, and the increasing demand to look younger. Individuals especially women are becoming quite conscious to look beautiful, and are thus ready to spend on facial surgeries, lip augmentation etc. In lip fillers market, Juvederm is the gold standard, and other popular brands are Volbella, Restylane, and Teosyal Kiss, etc.

Lip Fillers offer Room for corrections

If you are not satisfied with lumps, bumps, or irregularities in lip filler, dissolving it with Hyaluronidase is the quickest way to get rid of it. In case there is an area with a volume deficit in the lips, or a portion comparatively small compared to the contralateral side, you can always get extra filler added to it. The lip fillers based on Hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm and Restylane aren’t permanent, and are absorbed by the body over time.

Rise in Number of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures could help Lip Filler Market Grow

The increase in the number of non-surgical cosmetic procedures is likely to proliferate lip filler market. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons Report, Americans are increasing shifting to fresh and innovative ways to shape their bodies, as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have climbed roughly 200% since 2000.

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Expensive Lip Fillers could stop Lip Filler Market from Growing

The high cost of surgery, stringent regulations could limit the growth of lip fillers market. The cost of lip fillers may vary based on the procedure used, the expertise and qualifications of the person performing the treatment, time and effort the procedure or treatment requires, and the amount of lip or dermal filler used (for example contouring and sculpting requires more) etc.

Side Effects Linked to Lip Fillers could Obstruct Growth of Lip Filler Market

The existing facial injectable or fillers have many side effects, which could hamper the growth of the market to a great extent. Patients need to research well and choose a highly experience dermatologist.

Growing Awareness about Cosmetic Procedures may drive Lip Filler Market

With the continuous influence of television, social media, and other forms of media, people are increasingly becoming aware of the availability of new products specific for cosmetic procedures, for the use of lip fillers. Knowing about how lip fillers can add to look, appearance, people are investing in the same.  

Lip Filler Market Segmentation

The global market for lip filler can be classified on the basis of product type, and end users. By product type, it can be bifurcated into Hyaluronic Acid based products, and Collagen based products, whereas, in terms of end users, the market can be segmented into hospitals and specialty clinics.

Key Players in Lip Filler Market

Some of the key players in lip filler market are Mentor Worldwide LLC, Anika Therapeutics Inc., Allergan Plc, and Inamed Corporation, etc.

The growing investments in research and development of cosmetic industry have been encouraging the market players to offer effective solutions to gain a competitive edge in the lip filler market.

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