Disinfecting Wipes Market Size and Forecast 2018-2028

Published: Fri Sep 20 2019

Disinfecting Wipes Market Introduction

The disinfecting wipes are used for many purposes such as personal care, baby care, food services, household and health-care among others. The disinfecting wipes are moistened with water and some other liquids and the paper is treated with chemicals, lotions, softeners and perfumes to maintain the physical properties of the wipe. MIT (methylisothiazolinon) is a common preservative that is used to prevent fungal and bacterial growth inside the disinfecting wipes package.

Globally, baby wipes are the most sought-after variety of disinfecting wipes as they are made with regenerated cotton and is a mild product. It has a massive market potential in both developed as well as developing countries as they clean, pick the dirt and sanitize pretty much everything .Personal care is also a major segment of the wipes market. Along with baby care wipes, personal care wipes also remain under the fastest growing wipe segments.  Another major segment in disinfecting wipes market is the household or homecare wipes. There are different types of wipes available depending on the surface that is to be cleaned. The best disinfecting wipes are the ones which can save time, money and hassle. The consumer preferences of the disinfecting wipes is expected to grow in the near future as they are convenient and easily portable.

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Disinfecting Wipes Market Dynamics

The disinfecting wipe manufacturing companies are focusing on innovation and development of more useful varieties of the product for specific applications in the end-use industries. In the disinfecting wipes market, the geographical expansion with growth opportunities has appeared as a leading growth strategy.

The key factors that drive the market are the rise in demands of the disinfecting wipes in household applications, manufacturing industries, hospitals and commercial space. The disinfecting wipes save time and reduce the need for water. The disinfecting wipes market is also driven by the additional features such as convenience, performance, hygiene and cost.

The different lifestyles also drives the demand for the wipe market. Furthermore, modernization in healthcare practices in developing countries also drives the market as wipes provide better protection than traditional cloth or paper products.

Acceleration in consumer spending has also contributed to the rising sales of disinfecting wipes.

Improper disposal of the product acts as a major challenge for market expansion. Most of the disinfecting wipe packages are labelled as disposable, but they do not get fully disposed and end up clogging the drains and sewer lines, this may be a major threat to the disinfecting wipes market.

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Disinfecting Wipes Market Segmentation

The disinfecting wipes can be divided into two segments:

Industrial wipes
Food Services
Consumer wipes
Baby wipes
Personal care wipes
Household or homecare wipes
The disinfecting wipes can be segmented as:

On the basis of surface to be cleaned, the disinfecting wipes can be segmented as:

Counter tops
Bathroom tub and tile
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Disinfecting Wipes Market Regional Overview

The sales of disinfecting wipes are growing across the world due to the rise in manufacturing activities and improving economy. Globally, wipes are consumed in almost every region. Features such as hygiene and the cost-effectiveness of the disinfecting wipes will aid in the expansion of the market globally in the near future.

For the past years, North America and Europe have continuously accounted for the market in the disinfecting wipe industry. The trend is expected to remain strong for a long period and the market will continue to command the leading position.

In countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, disinfecting wipes, such as the baby wipes are more common and people use it as an alternative to toilet papers. This increased usage has encouraged many manufacturers to expand the market of the disinfecting wipes. The demand for wipes in the baby care sector and household sector is expected to remain high during the forecast period.

Disinfecting Wipes Market Key Players

Some of the leading brands that specialize in the manufacturing of the disinfecting wipes are:

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Pacifier wipes
The Clorox Company
Protex Ultra
Johnson & Johnson
Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
Method Products Pbc.
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