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Published: Wed Sep 25 2019

The demand of polyphenol sweetener has been increasing owing to its natural properties of sweetening. As more and more people are becoming calorie conscious, the demand for low calorie sweetening substitute such as polyphenol sweetener has up surged. The developed countries in North America and Europe are considered to be key market for polyphenol sweetener, but as people are becoming more health conscious in developing countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa, the demand for polyphenol sweetener have increased prominently in these regions. This is owing to a huge underpenetrated market in these regions.

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Key Application of polyphenol sweetener in food industry

The consumers of packaged food are also demanding the sweetening content in the form of natural sweetener such as polyphenol sweeteners. This has also been observed in terms of increasing demand of polyphenol sweetener from the manufacturers of dietary supplement.  Polyphenol Sweeteners are also finding its application in the manufacturing of soft drinks and powered drink mixes as consumers have started to shift their preference to healthier soft drinks and mixes. These days the demand for polyphenol sweeteners have up surged in the bakery and confectionery industries in the manufacturing of baked food, candies, puddings, canned foods, jams and jellies.

Natural polyphenol sweetener V/S artificial sweetener

There has been a major demand shift from artificial sweetener to polyphenol sweetener in the market. Polyphenol sweetener being a natural compound are beneficial to health and it do not possess any carcinogenic properties, also it does not lead to male infertility as opposed to artificial sweetener. Polyphenol sweetener are available from extracts of fruits and vegetables while artificial sweeteners are made up of Acesulfame Pottasium, Aspartame, Neotame and Sucralose.

Polyphenol Sweetener Demand to grow from Medical Stores

Polyphenol Sweetener have market for both B2B as well as B2C channels. The various sales channels through which polyphenol sweetener is distributed include ecommerce, retail stores and medical stores. Medical stores has been one of the prominent sales channel to make polyphenol sweetener available in the market. Polyphenol Sweetener are also sold to customers as natural sweeteners through online e-commerce websites. Polyphenol Sweeteners are widely available through retail stores. Polyphenol sweeteners are extensively demanded in B2B market for preparing bakery products, jellies and dairy products.   

Rapid technological advancement observed in polyphenol extraction process

A strong growth in the polyphenol sweetener market is anticipated for Asia Pacific countries like Japan, China and India. The extraction technology in Asia-Pacific is also undergoing a development phase. The demand for polyphenol sweeteners have been observed to witness a significant spurt in the dietary supplements industry in North America. European countries, such as U.K., France and Germany are heavily relying upon polyphenol sweeteners for manufacturing of bakery and dairy products.

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Availability of resources though lack of technology

The ease of availability of polyphenol sweetener from different type of natural sources has led to increase in demand of the compound from the food and beverage industry. Polyphenol sweetener is a naturally obtained compound from various plants, nuts, fruits and spices like oranges, grapes, raspberries, spinach, potatoes, almonds, hazelnuts, wheat, cloves, dried rosemary and cinnamon. The demand of polyphenol sweetener is increasing with increase in the availability of resources for the manufacturing of polyphenol sweetener.

Polyphenol Sweetener as remedial ingredient for disease

Polyphenol sweetener have proven to be effective as counter mechanism for some disease. There is an increase in the demand of polyphenol sweetener as doctors around the world suggest people who are suffering from diabetes to start consuming polyphenol sweetener. People affected with diabetes have been increased by 8.4% around the world in the past year giving rise to the demand for polyphenol sweetener. People who are concentrating to lose their weight, have also started to demand polyphenol sweetener as it has very low calorie content.  

Polyphenol sweetener growing from nascent phase to a mainframe natural sweetener

The companies that provide polyphenol sweetener for the use of customers are Aurea, DolCas Biotech, Iprona and Optipure. These companies provide polyphenol sweeteners to the customers in the form of natural plants extracts which could be added to food and beverages as a sweetener. 

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the Polyphenol Sweetener market and contains thoughtful insights, facts and historical data and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The polyphenol sweetener market report provides analysis and information, according to market segments such as geographies, application, sales channels and industry.

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