Ice Cream Scientist Shows Children How to Make Their Own Fun in the Kitchen

Published: Wed Oct 09 2019

Children and teenagers today are spending more time on cell phones and screens than ever before. For parents, it can be difficult to limit screen time and direct their children to more creative activities not involving cell phones.

Father and business-owner, Geno III came up with a great alternative—making ice cream with his four kids. "They all love it," he explains. "Their friends love it. Even the big kids love making ice cream. It’s something we can do together, and it doesn’t involve our cell phones."

With a certificate in culinary arts, Geno III has come to be known as the ice cream scientist. He explains that he decided to experiment on new flavors and recipes with his own children first. Needless to say, his children agreed that this was a tasty arrangement. In addition to running ice cream experiments, Geno III also owns his own ice cream truck that he drives around Indianapolis, Indiana, where he lives.

Now, Geno III has owned the ice cream truck for two years. One year after buying the truck, he founded his own company: Yungsday’s Sundaes. Running a business is difficult, says Geno III, especially because he also works night shifts for Pepsi, but his passion for ice cream keeps him going. "I like to get creative," he explains. "When it comes to ice cream, I am always creating a lot of new things."

This creativity helped Geno III in his latest venture: writing his first-ever book for children: "Yungsday’s Sundaes Presents Patiently Shakin’ for Ice Cream." His goal for the book? "I hope readers see how much fun it is to make ice cream. If you’re a parent like me, this is perfect for activity time with the kids."

Geno III also introduces Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, in his book to teach children yet another life skill. "I included SOPs so that children will learn something they may later take with them to use on the job." Geno III has termed ice cream making "useful recreation." Children are partaking in an activity that they enjoy, all the while learning important skills that will serve them in the future. Geno III will also be offering ice cream kits as well that contain all of the ingredients to make ice cream: young scientists only need to provide a bottle of water and ice cubes.

Publisher Lisa M. Umina adds, "This activity is sure to be a hit for families. I never realized that making homemade ice cream was so simple or that it could be such a fun activity. Geno III changed that."

For more information about Geno III visit "Yungsday’s Sundaes Presents Patiently Shakin’ for Ice Cream" is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.

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