Michael Leigh named to Natl./Local LA AeA Boards

From: Technology MarketForce
Published: Wed Apr 06 2005

MALIBU, Calif., April 6, 2005 - Technology MarketForce Inc. (www.TMF.com), a transaction-focused firm that analyzes and facilitates a company's critical strategic growth and survival decisions, reported today that its CEO, Michael Leigh, has been appointed to the AeA (formerly known as American Electronics Association) National Board and named vice chairman of that organization's Los Angeles/Santa Barbara Council. Founded in 1943, the AeA is the largest association of high-tech companies in the U.S., with about 2,500 companies representing all segments of the industry and 1.8 million employees.

"With his outstanding strategic and tactical skills, Michael Leigh will be a strong asset for AeA on a national level and for our local chapter," said AeA's Los Angeles/Santa Barbara Council Chairman Andre de Fusco, president and CEO of Sabeus Photonics. "His experience heading Technology MarketForce fits perfectly with the AeA's mission to facilitate the growth, competitiveness, business development and visibility of our member companies."

Leigh has more than 25 years of sales, marketing and management experience with leading-edge technology companies, mainly in the telecommunications area. He spearheaded the successful launch and growth of such organizations as Tekelec, Inc. (Nasdaq:TKLC), where he served as chief operating officer from start-up stage to IPO. He was also co-founder and president of Lynx Photonic Networks and is currently on the management advisory board of Alpha Telecom, a leading provider of Nortel/Lucent-compatible seamless VoIP gateway solutions. In addition, Leigh is a private venture investor and author.

About Technology MarketForce Inc.
Headquartered in Malibu, Calif., with offices in Europe and China, Technology MarketForce focuses on innovative growth strategies, global strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions. Since 1987, nine out of 10 TMF clients have successfully "exited" through merger, acquisition or IPO.

TMF is typically called in to assist the senior management, board of directors and investors of technology companies in making critical global, national or division-level strategic growth/survival decisions and then facilitating the resulting strategies. TMF's unique holistic approach is execution-focused, starting with accelerated analysis using its proprietary Company Health Test(tm), used by Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. The next stage is to resolve questions like, "To rapidly grow/survive, do we need to go IPO, acquire, merge, finance, sell, organically grow, close, make (make cheaper), partner, sell, or discontinue on a company or product-line basis?"

TMF and its senior executives' track records include start-up to public company development, mid-8-figure fund-raising, mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances, repositioning, turnarounds, and solutions for "the China price" syndrome.

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