Matt Buys Houses Announces Seven Years in Business

Published: Sun Oct 13 2019

Matt Buys Houses are excited to announce their milestone of seven years in business. They have assisted more than 500 homeowners in getting rid of their homes and receiving the cash they need. Matt Buys Houses specializes in helping homeowners that wouldn't be able to sell with the traditional method, with an alternative approach using their direct home buying services.

One of the reasons customers choose Matt Buys Houses is convenience. Many individuals and couples don't want to wait months for their property to sell, or worse. They wait months, find a buyer, and the buyer's financing falls through. Instead, Matt Buys Houses eliminates the hassle, and puts cash in the home sellers' hand, often within five days of receiving an offer.

Founder and owner of Matt Buys Houses, Matthew Garabedian, has said, "we GUARANTEE that cash offer and can have a check in your hand in as little as five days (No catches or gimmicks). This means we can close very fast or if you need time to make all the arrangements, we can also close on your time-frame." on how quickly sellers can close, and on their schedule.

The process is a simple one. Those in the Fresno, CA area looking to sell their property, need only reach out to a representative at Matt Buys Houses. This can be done through their website at, or by calling their main office in Fresno at (559) 234-2396.

Matt Buys Houses are compassionate to homeowners' situations, and the many reasons for needing to sell quickly. They understand that often there is a financial struggle, one that could be a significant burden, and getting money for their home, whether it be their primary residence or secondary property, is the solution. By eliminating the process of putting the house on the market, waiting for a buyer, and going through multiple showings, Matt Buys Houses gets owners to the closing table faster.

Those that are worried about having to make repairs, this is another area where Matt Buy Houses is a great choice. They will purchase properties in Fresno, regardless of condition, homeowners need not make any repairs to sell.

Homeowners in the Fresno, CA area that are looking for the simplest way to get an all-cash, fair offer on their home, Matt Buys Houses is an excellent solution with a proven track record for customer service and dependability.

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