Legacy A.D. brings a whole new light to the meaning of the word Superhero; It shows the power of God and Jesus Christ through faith, hope and love; There is a spiritual war tearing at the fabric of humanity, challenging the moral standard of us all

[ClickPress, Mon Oct 14 2019] Will Smith of Waywater Entertainment recently released Legacy A.D., a superhero comic book based in Atlanta, to address issues in todayís culture from a Biblical worldview. One of those issues is the atrocity of child sex trafficking, a billion-dollar industry that negatively affects the lives of girls, boys, women and men across the world. Legacy A.D. is now available on Amazon.com and on paperback via their landing page at www.legacyadcartoon.squarespace.com. By supporting the comic book, the public are also supporting an Anti-Sex Trafficking Organization in Atlanta called Out of Darkness, the non-profit in which Waywater Entertainment donates 10% of their sales.

Waywater Entertainment has promoted Legacy A.D. locally in Atlanta and the state of Georgia by attending Comic Cons, festivals, local churches and other events. They are building a dedicated following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, receiving 5-star reviews about the comic book on Amazon and in person. The digital comic was released on Amazon.com on June 10, 2019 and was the #1 New Release for the first 3 weeks under the categories of Religion & Spirituality and 30 Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads.

ďThis book is amazing! I recommend this book to anyone from a beginner learning about Christ, to someone thatís known him for a while. Itís real, itís relevant, itís a good read! Check it out in all of its uniqueness! Enjoy!Ē

About Waywater Entertainment
Waywater Entertainment was founded in Feb. 2019 to globally share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through creative animation, film, comics and apparel. The company seeks to reach those who do not yet believe and encourage and strengthen those that do.

Contact Name: Will Smith
Contact Email: legacyadcartoon@gmail.com

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