Green Apex Technolabs delivers ERP based App and Website for enhanced Healthcare Solutions

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[ClickPress, Wed Oct 16 2019] Green Apex Technolabs, a growing IT Startup in India, today announced the launch of its new Android App and Website. Based on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Solution, the app and website aim at providing healthcare services for patients across the UK. The App is available on Android platform at present and the same can also be accessed on the browsers.

Green Apex has, in the past, launched many such Mobile and Web Solutions, however, Hospice is unique in many ways: it offers healthcare equipment to be delivered at the doorstep. The Web Platform is for hospitals to order equipment for their patients. The App, on the other hand, is for drivers who deliver the equipment to hospitals or patients’ houses. The best part is that patients and hospitals can get these equipment delivered on rental basis and return them as and when the need is over.

The ERP system based Web platform boasts 5 modules pertaining to the needs of agencies, admins and warehouse manager: Inventory, Agencies, Sales, Patients, Facility. Inventory is further categorized into 3 divisions based on the type of equipment. Agencies are for hospitals to create and manage their own data. Sales give out information about orders made, processed, equipment delivered, ordered, etc. In the Patients module, agencies can enter new patients details and modify the existing; these details are entirely based on equipment they need. Facility is again meant for agencies i.e. hospitals. At times patients need Assisted living care; therefore, hospitals order for such services through the Hospice Web Portal; the same can be tracked easily on the portal and App.

“Hospice is an innovative solution,” said Mr. Smit Joshi, the CEO and Founder of Green Apex Technolabs, adding further, “it was not a straightforward vision on our client’s part. It needed to have a vast range of services and modules. Even though we wish to enhance the services even further with more exciting features in the future, I can tell it has been one of the most challenging yet creative solutions Green Apex has ever delivered.”

Hospice App and Web Platform Features:

The have-all app for delivery partners: It is said to be a have-all app because delivery partners can use it to not only manage and track their delivery assignments but also make sure that none of them gets misplaced, wrongly delivered or improperly marked. The next version of the app is to have features for agencies and patients as well.

Additional Items: There are items which patients/hospitals may not know the importance of until they have received their ordered equipment; these are disposable items that are mandatory for the equipment to function properly. Hospice automatically detects the need for such items when agencies order a particular equipment and ensures a hassle free use.

3 delivery types: The Hospice App enables delivery partners to view the delivery type that agencies chose while placing the order. The 3 delivery types are - normal delivery which is to be completed within 3 Business Days, Express Delivery that is supposed to take place on the same day the order is placed, and future delivery which has been scheduled on a future date by the agency.

Pickup and Move Services: Depending on the need for the equipment, agencies can request pickup i.e. return and movement of the same on the Hospice Web Platform. That is to say, when patients don’t need the equipment anymore or in some cases patients are moved to another hospital, Hospice would provide necessary movement services on demand.

Invoice generation: Invoice or reports are generated on a monthly basis to make the billing process easier for agencies. Also, they can schedule such reports to be delivered on a particular date as per their requirement.


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