UK Screeds Is Aiming To Service The Whole Of The UK

Published: Thu Oct 17 2019

UK Screeds is the leading provider of floor screeding throughout England and Wales. The company was founded in Oxfordshire and is a family-run business with no fewer than 11 branches throughout the two countries. It is still growing and intends to provide its’ services to the whole of the UK very soon.

Liquid screed, also known as self-levelling compound, anhydrite screed, gypsum screed, and more, has become specified more and more often recently and is now estimated to account for 20% of all screed supplied, with continued growth forecast. This is because of the many advantages of liquid screed over and above traditional sand and cement screed.

The purpose of a screed is to make the surface which is to receive the final flooring as level as it can possibly be. Without going into too much detail, there are three levels of Surface Regularity, SR1, SR2, and SR3. SR1 is the best surface that you can get.

A traditional sand and cement screed is laid by hand and will usually achieve SR3. As it is laid by hand it is an extremely labour-intensive procedure and still only manages to achieve SR3. On the other hand, a liquid screed is self-levelling because it is a liquid, and so it will always achieve SR2 and very often SR1. Liquid screed can also be laid using a laser, and this will achieve maximum surface regularity.

UK Screeds claims many other benefits for liquid screed, not the least of which is the amount of labour saved. The screed is delivered to site ready-mixed and is poured into place using a pump. This means that it can be laid very fast indeed – in fact anything up to 20 times as fast as a traditional sand and cement screed. It will also be dry enough for foot traffic in as little as 24 – 48 hours. On a construction site, time is money, so when you combine the speed of laying with the rapid drying time, it means that other contractors who need to work on the site will suffer no delays.

About The Company:
UK Screeds is a fast growing supplier of liquid screed and levelling compound throughout England and Wales. A family-run company, it began life in Oxfordshire and now has 11 branches throughout the two countries. It is on track to expand its’ services to the rest of the UK. For further information contact Andy Guy on 07900 154666 or email
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