AppSealing relaunched its unique, a 360° Mobile App Security Platform for App Owners & Programmers

Published: Tue Oct 29 2019

A Korean Digital Rights Management (DRM) outfit - INKA Entworks Inc. Known for its cloud-based solutions; it recently upgraded its security platform for app owners & programmers – ‘AppSealing’, that uses a 360° robust technology "Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)" to provide in-app protection from known and unknown threats. The highlighting feature of AppSealing is that it requires absolutely zero coding efforts.

Established in 2014, AppSealing has lots of registered patents in the security domain. After years of offering non-stop protection to hundreds of mobile apps through its strong codebase, AppSealing is relaunching itself in a new identity which is expressed through a new logo & website.

AppSealing’s new identity is to strongly convey the message about its core philosophy of robust security, modern approach and power over any theft and stealing. The new vector conveys the message of securing your app within the locks of AppSealing’s technology along with the colour used to show power over the theft. Overall the brand logo gives a fresh look and depicts a subtle message of always being ahead of the ever evolving hacking and theft techniques.
On the design front, its new website incorporates a modern design, a more intuitive interface, faint animations, and device neutral fonts.
While on the content front, it has introduced 3 major features - Blogs, Case Studies & White Papers that help keep its users abreast of the latest security industry-specific trends.

The developer community poses faith in the AppSealing features to ensure that their apps can covet the premium audience segments without worrying about hackers’ malicious intents. James Ahn, the CEO of INKA Entworks, underscores this point when he says that the new AppSealing logo and brand promise clients "to help protect their mobile business and provide them with premium security throughout the journey".

Apart from offering a superior feel to the user, the new website also has improved navigation, where information is stacked according to industry sectors and technical categories. This makes the website easily accessible to both the first-time user as well as an experienced AppSealing client. The new website has a robust blog section, which is constantly updated with expert posts and analyses that the developer community can use not just to learn new concepts but also to know what new threats it faces from hackers and how to preempt attacks on their apps. The website also has a section on case studies, which describe how AppSealing has successfully solved industry-specific problems about security issues and helped its clients save money and enhance their brand value among their user base. A salient feature of the new website is a collection of white papers, which elaborately explain issues around mobile app security and offer ways to address them according to the best industry practices.

AppSealing protects more than 600+ major apps worldwide and has blocked around 60 MN+ hacking vectors across various industries such as - Gaming, FinTech, Movie, E-commerce, and others. The likes of Mobile Premier League, Smilegate, Stickpoolclub, Snowpipe, Winzo, Nexon, etc have approved & are extensively using AppSealing’s platform after successful testing.
AppSealing has also empowered app developers and owners to save a huge sum of money by preventing hackers from stealing the token money from gaming apps, ensuring secured transactions in FinTech apps, plugging security loopholes in Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms to allow only authorized access, and prevented app forgery and reverse engineering of code in online to offline models.

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AppSealing unique propositions:
-Cloud-Based Application Security Platform, Instant Real-Time Activation
-No Setup Fees, No Hidden Fees
-Pay-As-You-Go Application Security Platform Model
-Free Application Security Platform for up to 15,000 MADs every month
-Zero Coding Efforts Required by App Owners & Programmers

Discover how AppSealing makes your app portfolio more secure and increases its reliability in a competitive environment.
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