9 Spokes launches integrated marketing service for white-label platform

Published: Thu Oct 31 2019

9 Spokes (ASX: 9SP or the "Company"), a leading marketplace and insights company to small businesses, is pleased to announce the launch of its new marketing service to help bank partners accelerate user adoption and engagement on their 9 Spokes white-label platform. Called 9 Spokes Engage™, the programme launches with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) as anchor partner to build momentum for its small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) proposition – MyBusiness Live. Discussions are underway with other bank partners.

9 Spokes has partnered with leading global brands, Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, and Deloitte, a multinational professional services network, to provide the marketing technology platform and implementation services underpinning 9 Spokes Engage™. This provides the means to scale the service globally.

9 Spokes Engage™ is integrated with the 9 Spokes platform and augments bank partners’ in-house marketing capabilities with always-on campaigns, content and customer support. The service enables banks to acquire, nurture and re-engage with customers more effectively by harnessing the rich data collected through the 9 Spokes platform.

9 Spokes Engage™ includes educational tools and resources for SMEs, as well as intelligent data-based insights that prompt users to optimise business performance through regular platform use. Leveraging user-behaviour analytics built into 9 Spokes Engage™ supports more meaningful, proactive interactions between banks and their customers.

Adrian Grant, Co-Founder and CEO of 9 Spokes, said: "9 Spokes Engage™ amplifies the power of the 9 Spokes ecosystem by giving banks an enhanced capability to reach higher levels of engagement, and the tools to conduct more intelligent and valuable interactions with the SMEs using their platform. Having BNZ, Salesforce and Deloitte supporting the development and implementation of 9 Spokes Engage™ is testament to their belief in the 9 Spokes vision and ensures we have the right partnerships to scale 9 Spokes Engage™ across our banking relationships globally."

Karna Luke, General Manager SME, partners at BNZ, commented: "As a bank dedicated to serving our SME customers, it’s essential that we are providing them with the right services, built to meet and evolve with their needs. 9 Spokes Engage™ significantly ‘powers up’ our ability to build and engage the user base on MyBusiness Live and bring richer value to these customers on a more regular and proactive basis. As our thinking on adoption and engagement evolves, it’s been great to work with 9 Spokes and put those ideas into tangible resources for NZ SME’s. We’ve always seen our relationship with 9 Spokes as a partnership and it’s rewarding to be taking it to this next stage."

9 Spokes Engage™ adds an additional revenue stream to 9 Spokes and bank partners and supports the Company’s strategy to drive overall platform engagement and Marketplace transactions.
Contact Name: Marie Cahalane
Contact Email: marie.cahalane@9spokes.com

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