My Generator Puts Some Light on Caravan Expert’s Review on AGM and Lithium Batteries

Published: Wed Nov 06 2019

My Generator, a well-known supplier of caravan equipment and power generators, is throwing some light on caravan expert’s review on AGM and lithium batteries. My Generator is a name of trust when it comes to supply genuine and authentic products for camping needs.

According to caravan experts, if an individual is buying a caravan battery, choosing between AGM and lithium batteries is one of the first decisions to make. In the old days, when the only choice was AGM batteries, the answer was simple. AGM batteries provided everything one wanted in a battery from the deep cycle and starter battery. Then came lithium, and everything changed. Lithium batteries promised higher efficiency, better life cycles, and a lightweight package - all of this just for a higher price. Since it is now harder to select a caravan battery, My Generator is shedding some light on the caravan expert’s review to help you choose between the two.

Here is a glance to the pros and cons of AGM and lithium batteries according to the caravan experts:
• Cost. One of the most significant benefits of AGM batteries is that they are cheaper than Lithium batteries. The $2000-$3000 price tag is what stops people from buying Lithium batteries. However, according to caravan experts, the price of lithium batteries are dropping every day, making them a more relevant choice day by day.
• Capacities. Lithium batteries pack more energy than AGM batteries. A lot more Amp-hours are needed in AGM batteries to get the same amount of Amp-hours in a lithium battery. According to caravan experts, the bottom line is that while lithium batteries costs more, there is more efficiency, higher performance, and better longevity.
• Cycle life. Lithium batteries defeat AGM batteries in cycle life battle. A lithium battery will give double the cycle life of the AGM battery. According to caravan experts, it merely means that lithium batteries last longer than AGM batteries.
• Size and weight. When it comes to size and weight, lithium batteries are the winner. Lithium batteries are more compact and lightweight than AGM lead batteries. In expert’s opinions, lithium batteries save up to 70% of the weight and volume of traditional lead batteries of similar capacity.
• Depth of discharge. Battery's depth of discharge (DoD) is the percentage of the battery that has been discharged with respect to its overall capacity. 100Ah of lithium will give 80Ah, whereas AGM will give 50Ah. As per the expert’s opinion, this means AGMs are suited in a caravan which is only used every few months, not all the time.
• Applications. According to caravan experts, this is where AGM is the winner. AGM offers some hybrid batteries which can be used for cranking and deep cycle. But lithium batteries cannot be used for cranking.

According to caravan experts, if budget is a problem and the battery is going to be used for cranking or only to run a fridge, AGM is the best battery choice. But if the plan is to hit the road for long trips and to run high current appliances and gadgets, lithium has more advantages in terms of weight, size and efficiency. Lithium requires less maintenance and lasts longer than AGM. The upfront cost of lithium is indeed more but the benefits out scales AGM in every manner.

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