IBA, Bangalore Organizing Second Edition of HEF-IBA Conference in Jan, 2020

Published: Tue Nov 12 2019

Indus Business Academy (IBA), in association with Higher Education Forum (HEF) is organizing a round table conference on the theme "Educational Philosophy & Strategy to Meet the Needs of Industry 4.0" on 17th January, 2020 at the IBA, Bangalore campus from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Conference Overview
Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. As per Wikipedia, industry 4.0 describes the trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which include Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Such changes have implications for society and business organization as new business models are emerging. This is leading to a new disruption as new skills and new attitudes are needed to respond to Industry 4.0 requirements. What was relevant yesterday is not applicable today; hence, the need to evolve new strategies to deal with the challenges thrown up by Industry 4.0.

In this context the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) are facing new challenges. Since the skills and competencies of Industry 4.0 are not yet available in educational institutions, institutions are losing their relevance. No doubt, the educational institutions are expected to create men and women with character; but they are also equally vested with the responsibility of creating men and women who can shoulder responsibilities of In Industry 4.0 in whatever positions they are in. Higher Educational Institutions have to evolve new educational philosophy and new strategies to respond to changes resulting from arrival of Industry 4.0.

The conference will look into specifically the role of the higher educational institutions to create the leaders and managers who would be able to shoulder responsibilities in the Industry 4.0 era. It will also discuss various strategies and processes the HEIs should adopt to remain relevant in this fast changing world.

This conference is in the form of a Round Table, hence no. of participants is restricted to 25

There is no registration fee, however prior registration is mandatory before Dec. 25, 2019

Contact for Registrations & Program support:
Prof. Nagendra Hegde
E-mail: nagendra.h@iba.ac.in

About HEF-IBA Awards
Like last year, this year also few outstanding faculty members from HEIs from Bengaluru and other Southern States will be felicitated during the conference. The categories in which the awards will be given include:

1. Graduation or Post-Graduation (Engineering, Science, Humanities)
2. Management (Post-Graduate) from different functions like Finance, Marketing, HRM, IT, Communication, etc.
3. Outstanding teacher in management (both Male & Female)
4. Young teacher’s award, teacher teaching some unique courses like entrepreneurship, retail, etc. and / or achieved something significant including acumen / acceptability in research.
5. Contribution to research and publication
6. Alternative areas of education like music, sports, etc.
7. Faculty in teacher education.

Faculty members may self-nominate themselves or members can nominate others by sending their profile.

The request for nomination may be mailed to the Champion of Bengaluru Convention Dr. Subhash Sharma, Director at Indus Business Academy (IBA) at re_see@rediffmail.com. The same may also be marked to the undersigned at aksengupta51@gmail.com.

The decision of the jury shall be final. HEF also reserves the right to consider an awardee who has not sent the nomination form.

Please note that the last date of submission of the nomination form is 30th October, 2019.

For more information please visit IBA website.
Contact Name: Richa Sarna
Contact Email: ibabschool@gmail.com

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