Aurachain 2019 Release Ads further Strength to its Market Leading Low Code Development Platform

Published: Mon Dec 02 2019

Aurachain, the leading low code development platform for the creation of both digital process and blockchain applications, today announced the 2019 autumn release of its Aurachain Platform, featuring intuitive and visual building tools for the accelerated creation of enterprise grade software applications.

The release features additional expose API functionality, drag & drop document uploads, revamped dashboards for users and managers, turnaround time statistics and further updates that help organizations to rapidly prototype, build and deploy applications to optimize internal and external collaboration across core operational processes.

"Having worked with most of the best in class low code automation platforms over the past ten years, I believe the future lies in the new breed of products that promote collaborative development across line of business and dev ops stakeholders. Having said this, the Aurachain platform is the only one that I have seen that achieves this with excellence, while simultaneously producing enterprise grade and enterprise scale operational applications. By combining this strong foundation with their unique ability to deploy smart contract applications on blockchain networks, I can provide immediate enterprise value to my customers and a level of future proofing, as the market moves progressively towards collaborative trust models on distributed ledger technology." said Jorge Soares – CEO of Agile Business Process.

"The Aurachain platform was born from over a decade of customer feedback, as we deployed the most demanding of enterprise software implementations. V3.4 is yet another step in our continuous effort to enhance the value of our platform for the market." said Adela Wiener – CEO of Aurachain.

The Aurachain autumn release features the following platform highlights:
Expose API functionality: Connect applications to external systems and define the expected message. Set validation rules to only accept legitimate requests and establish routing rules to set default paths and targets. A new step-by-step wizard also makes building apps that involve APIs a much easier process from start to finish.

Drag & drop functionality for uploading documents directly to a task UI: ‘Upload’ input allows application end users to intuitively add files in the assigned User Interface, with visual feedback to confirm a successful upload, speeding up any task that requires document submission.
Revamped user dashboard: Productivity charts allow users to assess their performance over a given time period. Each period can also be shown against other periods, to display a comparison for statistics such as the number of completed tasks.

Team dashboard for managers: Managers can now access performance overviews for their team via a new Team Dashboard, built to provide a similar view as the revamped user dashboard with productivity charts for the team as a whole and individual team members. Tasks are easily filtered by deadline thresholds, reassigned according to priority and provide transparency on team member activities.

Turnaround time (TAT) statistics for deeper application insights: Enhanced statistics provide a greater level of detail into application performance and process bottlenecks. End-to-end stats for every app or activity specific turnaround time give managers, analysts and reporters the ability to track high level trends and drill down to find relevant details.

For more details on the Aurachain platform enhancements, please read the dedicated Aurachain 3.4 Release blog post.

About Aurachain
Aurachain is a low code rapid application development platform, which allows the visual creation of both digital process applications and Blockchain-enabled (self-executing smart contracts).

The Aurachain platform reduces application development cycles from months, or years, to weeks or even days; providing a visual development environment that simplifies and accelerates even the most complex process automation applications, while enabling participation and collaboration between line of business functional process owners and IT.

The Aurachain platform enables a client to rapidly reconfigure critical elements of its operating profile for the achievement of both short- and long-term strategic goals; be they launch of new products, entry into new markets, enhancing the customer engagement experience, or fast tracking the integration of operating units.

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