From: Grace Wan
Published: Mon Mar 23 2020

Grace Wan's comments about COVID-19: "If I were a Prime Minister or President to talk about how to deal and to stop the Virus to come to my Country, I will say not allow all outside Countries visitors come my Country because other Countries have Sars will get infect and transfer spread from another Countries with Sars bring to my Country's attention. I recommend all big places such as Airports, Stores, Restaurants, Schools, etc all shut down, closed.

The only advise to everybody to avoid not get SARS is I will say stay home, stay away from other people with Sars, avoid crowd people, wear masks everyday outside, wash hand, clean up. Everyday and every Countries all talking about Coronavirus because it's very big importance news and each day have death tolls counts of how people died each day and each Countries but that is not going to work for only just talking and not do something about SARS and it no use just think about these everyday about disappointment situations.

Even though many Countries made a decision of abandoned all travellers come visit their Countries, but the SARS still have at another Country. First of all where is very first Country start Sars from, it was from China and wild animals. Well the very first Country have do something first. The people not from China with SARS they were not very first people get it. Even doctors, nurses, can't do anything something the people with SARS.

They only can help fix people's body. There is no medication for SARS at this point. I suggest if the resident people want to come back to their own Country after came from visit another Country they have to get check up by Airport medical staffs check if they get virus from another Country. If they have SARS they can't go home they to stay in the airport or hospital for one to two weeks recoveries. If checked they came back from trip no SARS they can go home. If new people want immigrant to new Countries, the government will have to say no accept new immigrant at this point because of SARS will have to wait longer.

Other ways to stop continue to have SARS is the very first Country China have SARS have to do something and stop first have SARS I recommend get rid burn and fire kill the wild animals with SARS and evacuate spray strong chemicals to stop prevent SARS and kill SARS. If SARS stop and gone, then the rest of the people have no problem to travel around the world."
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