Indie Film Crowdfunding Success

Published: Wed Sep 09 2020

Indie film entertainment group, Imageweaving Productions, join IndieGoGo's mere 10% of successful crowdfunding campaigns, by hitting funding target 4 days ahead of schedule.

Crowdsource funding platforms like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, JustGiving and GoFundMe offer creatives and businesses alike, the opportunity to raise alternative finance via public support for specific goals. Although the benefit of crowdfunding seems simple - statistically, it has proved very difficult and only 10% of Indiegogo campaigns are successful in actually reaching any target, small or large.

Imageweaving Productions' David Lawson, movie director and producer of 'A Clockwork Heart' independent short film, launched a 30 day campaign to raise funds for entry to film festivals with the fantasy Sci-Fi short film at the beginning of August.

Originally conceived to teach Lawson the different disciplines within filmmaking, from set building to editing this project is now complete, well-received by independent film critics like UK Film Review and Screencritix, crowdfunded and off to global film festivals.

The team focused on using social networking and media platforms to publicise the challenge and highlighted the benefits independent film festivals and film awards had for indie filmmakers.

What the critics are saying about the movie -
"...superbly realised and utterly brilliant modern fairy tale, A Clockwork Heart." - UK Film Review
"There is an other-worldliness to her creation that is just perfectly unsettling." - ScreenCritix

Watch this space.

'A Clockwork Heart Logline:
A passionate innovator explores the complexities of human emotion, as he refuses to accept that his daughter is all that she can be.

Through the lens of an 18th century Steampunk protagonist, Abigail Copperhead contemplates life and love through the stories told by her father.
Living in almost complete seclusion, Abigail knows nothing of true connection.
That is, until she meets someone willing to adapt, meanwhile, her father diligently seeks a cure for her condition.

Shot just shy of the Covid-19 outbreak, in a lush and vibrant forest in the north east of Scotland - the magical setting is just perfect for their modern day fairytale with a dash of steampunk and Sci-Fi fantasy, for added colour.

The film stars indie up-and-coming actors Aiysha Jebali (Dogged) and Vincent T Spangenberg (Coming Home) and is narrated by Catherine O'Donnell (Mrs. Brown).

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