Brooklyn Creamery introduces super healthy, super tasty dairy free ice cream to the UAE

From: The Brooklyn Creamery
Published: Wed Sep 09 2020

The Brooklyn Creamery, already making waves in the local ice cream sector with its bold innovative approach to healthy desserts, is now launching a dairy-free range of exciting, healthier ice cream.

The new vegan range, made using almond and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk, makes it suitable for people with intolerances, health concerns and those following a vegan diet. The Brooklyn Creamery blends ice cream mastery and a rich array of world-class flavours with the need for an anytime, guilt-free snack.

The Brooklyn Creamery range is currently exclusively available via pandemic-aware Deliveroo home delivery in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi you can find The Brooklyn Creamery via Talabat and Deliveroo or in the aisles of Souq Planet stores.

Vasco Valenca de Sousa, food engineer, ice cream expert and chief Innovation officer, says: "The Brooklyn Creamery was launched in 2015 as a small New York parlour. The dynamic duo that started the company wanted to provide a healthier alternative to ice cream, creating a range that allowed more health-conscious people to indulge their ice cream cravings without the guilt.

"We are proud to offer this revolution in healthy eating right here in the UAE. Launching a vegan range is a logical extension of that desire to make incredible ice cream that meets the needs of modern consumers, and we know our customers will go crazy for our wonderful flavours."

While more and more people turn to a healthier vegan lifestyle, it’s always good to reach out for an indulgent treat. The Brooklyn Creamery’s vegan range means dessert fans can dig into a pot of fantastic funky-flavoured goodness guilt free.

The range includes classic chocolate and vanilla with a funky Brooklyn Creamery twist, berry and fruit flavours, nuts and fudge and all the ingredients you’d expect in the most indulgent of desserts.

The lactose-free and dairy-free range comes in six decadent flavours – with more launching soon!

Chocolate and Coconut: This heady blend of the finest Belgian chocolate and coconut ships crunchy coconut flakes with creamy chocolate fudge, crafted into off-the-scale plant-based ice cream. Binge on this and you’ll still feel up for the gym.

Berry 3X: Our alchemists know berries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, working tirelessly to pack as many as they could into our rich vegan ice cream. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are ripened to perfection, gently pulped, then blended into this berry tasty masterpiece.

Double Shot Espresso: When you need a pick-me up that hits you up, grab a pot of our double shot espresso ice cream, which will help get you through your hectic day. Why not slather a spoonful on your dalgona?

Acai Berry Banana: You’ll go bananas for this fruit-filled fantasy blend of gorgeous ripe banana and a superfood acai berry ripple. The future of ice cream has just arrived.

French Vanilla Bean: Let your taste buds shout ‘oooh la la!’ with this classic ice cream given The Brooklyn Creamery vegan twist. Sweet, woody tones of French vanilla are encapsulated in rich creamy plant milk. How did you live before tasting it?

Lotta Chocolate: You want chocolate? We’ll give you chocolate! Belgian chocolate. Chocolate fudge. Cocoa nibs for a superfood energy hit. Three times the flavour, three times the indulgence, with none of the guilt. Now we’re talking.

Pots are available in two sizes – 450ml or 4750ml - starting at just AED25.
It’s time to rediscover your love of ice cream thanks to The Brooklyn Creamery.

Brooklyn Creamery Co is TM registered in the US and made under licence.

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About The Brooklyn Creamery
The freshest flavours and health-forward recipes puts The Brooklyn Creamery at the forefront of millennial food brands. Launched by passionate ice cream artisans as a small New York dessert parlour, with a brand new approach to flavours and ingredients, the guilt-free brand is now available in the UAE.
Hand-crafted with a mission to develop guilt-free healthier desserts, The Brooklyn Creamery’s range is lower fat, lower calorie but high on flavour, compared to other premium brands. The Brooklyn Creamery also offers a plant-based range, for those looking for indulgent treats without dairy.

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