Guerilla ICT gets broadband into premises - by any means

From: Guerilla ICT
Published: Wed Dec 09 2020

When we consider getting broadband to the premises these days, we don't imagine all the complexity of the back end. It's a little like unlocking a door - how often do you think about how the lock actually works?

But when Craig Hall and his company, Guerilla ICT, were presented with a connectivity riddle, he jumped at the chance to solve it.

Our company philosophy is internet by any means, and we are repeatedly proving it by going where other companies fear to tread, explains Hall, adding we were faced with a new-build house built behind a car park and BT hadn't put any ducting in to run fibre to the houses.

Understandably, the customer, whose business was based at the property in Tarporley, Cheshire, had exhausted all other means - and this is where Craig was called in with his internet by any means' philosophy.

He takes up the tale: Firstly, we surveyed the area for any available signals through the air, as there was no street-based solution. I located a cell site up on a hill where a 4g cellular signal was available. We then installed an external dish that is pointed to the cell site to secure a strong and continuous signal. and now the customer can enjoy fast speeds of 30Mb download and 10Mb upload, with excellent latency.

And in the UK, anything above 20MB download speed is often described as superfast.

As it was experimental, I personally took charge of the installation - unlike many of my competitors - working with the engineering team to ensure the best possible connectivity solution. And once again, we are proud to say we've taken an environment with a seemingly intractable problem to superfast internet speeds. Overseeing it myself means there are no issues, and I'm on hand so I fully understand the nature of the site and to help deliver the end result, teaching the engineers so they are tooled up to work independently when we roll it out to other properties.

Craig describes the WiFi signal in radio terms - there has to be line of sight to afford a strong signal reception. The 4G external aerial means the residents can move from no internet availability, to full provision almost overnight. And just like the lock and key analogy, Craig doesn't expect the average person on the street to have his advanced knowledge or understanding of how best to grab a signal from the ether, and avoid all the chatter' - the ever-growing volume of internet traffic that clutters our narrow connectivity bandwidth.

The maverick telecoms expert says Guerilla ICT can bring blazing internet to the customer's site, rather than waiting for the (indeterminable) national roll out of 5G: 4G solutions are still valid, and excellent in most use cases. We are simply helping everyone get connected, stay connected, and enjoy the long-overdue promise of internet for all.

Craig's long and illustrious ICT career has put him on a path of connectivity evangelism. He believes there is no need for anyone or any organisation to suffer with poor connectivity.

Connectivity issues are more important than ever right now, given the remote working and social distancing ethos we are living under, he says.
Whatever your connectivity speed, issues or complexity, Craig is offering a free WiFi check, followed by his famous cup of tea' challenge, where he will explain how to gain faster speeds while saving money in the time it takes to make and drink a cup of tea.


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