BLAQCLOUDS Inc Announces the Launch of SafeStreets online Communities

From: BlaqClouds Inc
Published: Thu Dec 10 2020

BlaqClouds Inc is excited to announce the launch of SafeStreets online Communities.

The first online community portal to be fully integrated into our offline communities. SafeStreets gives its members the tools to reach out to their surrounding neighbors while still maintaining their individual privacy! - SafeStreets makes the world a 'BETTER-SAFER' place to live - One community at a time!

SafeStreets is supported by a sophisticated array of proprietary technologies and security platforms to protect our members and their data.
SafeStreets is currently in its Pre-Launch Phase and will be launching communities in January 2021 and will grow throughout all of Asia, then internationally. It's very similar to the public social networks we all use every day - however, it's SAFE - SECURE - PRIVATE - It's for your local neighborhood where you and your family live. The first online community portal of its kind.

SafeStreets is designed to keep you and your family safe by giving you FREE access to help when you need it. It's all about you and your community around where you live. We hope SafeStreets can encourage people to become more ACTIVE community members by caring and sharing with others around them.
We also bring together service providers in community areas, who offer our members excellent rates and keeps their local economy working.

Mr. Troy Davis, CEO of BlaqClouds Inc, a public listed company on the OTC Markets says, SafesStreets is making the world a BETTER-SAFER' place to live - One Community at a time and it provide 6 essential services to its members for free and as our communities grow throughout the globe with millions of members creating their own personal content, we understand the responsibility that comes with protecting that content and data. We have our own very advanced security systems in place to ensure all our member's information is safe and protected from the outside world.
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