PixelPlex Developed a Crypto Trading Platform with a Built-in Arbitrage Bot

From: PixelPlex
Published: Thu Dec 10 2020

PixelPlex has designed a new solution for efficient and profitable cryptocurrency trading called Arbitrage. This crypto arbitrage platform supports a variety of strategies, includes a cryptocurrency bot, and allows its users to effectively manage liquidity.

Pixelplex developers share the results of their work. The engineering team calls the arbitration bot a key feature of their solution. What does the Arbitrage bot do? It simultaneously buys and sells the same amount of cryptocurrency on two different exchanges, while the equivalent amount in fiat money is different. Thus, the trader makes a profit from the exchange rate difference.

They also note that the platform contains a data collection mechanism, a cryptocurrency volatility management tool, and an algorithm for finding beneficial deals. The Arbitrage provides traders with the ability to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money and vice versa.

PixelPlex mentions other features as well. For example, arbitrage allows traders to set thresholds for trades and profits, cut costs with an optional ordering mechanism, and trade directly or through a minor pair.

The developers have incorporated a graph theory-based optimal search algorithm into their platform to counter the potential risks of arbitrage trading.

Typically, traders face two main challenges when engaging in cryptocurrency trading. The first problem is a halt in trading, as funds often accumulate on one of the exchanges. The second issue is high transaction fees that lead to financial losses.

PixelPlex representatives explain how their arbitrage solution addresses these issues. The built-in algorithm selects the best deal by collecting data from leading exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, etc. The algorithm then executes the transaction before market changes occur. The trader doesn't need to constantly monitor the operation of the platform, they can do other things and check their account balance from time to time.

The company's designers have also worked hard to create an intuitive user interface. Everything that traders need is presented as conveniently as possible: all data is placed in the form of charts and diagrams, opening and closing deals are located next to each other, and there is also a function for application customization.

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