The Freedom Babbleon, an online event celebrating freedom and free speech to take place this Saturda

From: WORLDwrite
Published: Tue Dec 15 2020

The East London-based education charity WORLDwrite is organising a pioneering live event: The Freedom Babbleon on Saturday 19th December. After a year of restrictions and regulations, the idea is to put freedom back on the map as the precondition for a decent life. On Saturday 19th December, 100 contributors over 8 hours, for 4 minutes a piece will share their take on why freedom is essential for humanity to thrive. An awesome line up from all walks of life, including writers, activists, academics, singers, comedians, and volunteers will share their hot tips, tales, texts and songs to inspire a love of liberty.

The full line-up is available here:

Fears surrounding Covid-19 have led to a plethora of restrictions, in fact not since the McCarthy era has freedom to live our private lives or to express ourselves publicly been so constrained. But do we have to sacrifice our freedoms to stay safe? The charity believes freedom and safety need not be trade-offs if we trust people to exercise their judgement and look after each other.

WORLDwrite Director Ceri Dingle said today: "We are delighted that so many high-profile speakers and talented contributors are taking part with such a huge array of subject matter from free speech in comedy and cancel culture, freedom from necessity in the developing world to lessons from the lesser-known Scottish Martyrs. It's not all about Covid and lockdowns but that is the backdrop, as many people recognise our basic freedoms have taken a hammering over the past year. 100 lovers of liberty holding forth, should make quite a day."

The Freedom Babbleon aims to make freedom the talking point, to question anti-human developments and re-ignite public debate.

This ambitious event is a collective effort by a crew of young volunteers. This is a sponsored event too, designed to help the charity re-open it's Volunteer Centre in 2021.

The live broadcast of WORLDWrite's new audacious event and thinkpiece, The Freedom Babbleon, will take place on Saturday, December 19, 2020 on Zoom and worldwide, from 10am to 6.15pm. Tickets are free (although voluntary donations are encouraged) and anyone can register on the WORLDwrite Eventbrite page at:

For interviews or further details, please contact or phone Kate Abley on 020 8985 5435.

Notes for Editors

WORLDwrite is a registered charity, no. 1060869. The charity runs the award-winning online Citizen TV channel WORLDbytes which champions quality citizen reporting and provides free film training to young people to make this possible. WORLDwrite is committed to international understanding and global equality. The charity's founding principles include: democracy for all and the more direct the better; freedom of speech and advancing civil liberties; challenging distrust, fear and intervention in everyday life; support for freedom of movement and the advancement of new knowledge, ideas and critical thinking. Its pioneering events and films reflect its educational objectives and ethos.

WORLDwrite-produced documentaries include the award-winning, internationally-screened Every Cook Can Govern: The life, works & impact of C.L.R. James, the multi-award winning film Women: a success story and the acclaimed documentary Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything Is Possible.

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