Art Education in India: A panel discussion to investigate Interdisciplinary art approaches

From: Kalayog Art Collective
Published: Fri Dec 18 2020

Kalayog Art Collective is hosting a panel discussion on 'Interdisciplinary Approaches in Indian Art Education with Reference to Visual Art Practices' on 20 December at 5 pm. The event is virtual and open to all; those interested can register for free from our webpage-

Panellists include artists and art educators like Suresh BV, Sanchayan Ghosh, Shivaji Panikker and Shukla Sawant while Shatavisha Mustafi will moderate the talk. The discussion will be focused on interdisciplinary practices in the visual arts, and the panellists will be speaking about their own experience as educators with varied backgrounds. It will discuss a whole range of interdisciplinary artistic practices and pedagogical procedures involved in visual art milieu.

While the importance of interdisciplinary art practices has been a widely discussed topic, the panel will scrutinise whether art education equips us with the necessary resources and infrastructure for the same. Thus, it becomes important to discuss these versatile artistic approaches by mapping the contemporary currents in the field. By bringing together distinguished artists and art educators who work in diverse fields, kalayog aims to create dialogue across schools of different practices. The task for thinkers such as those in the panel for this talk is to discuss such difficulties and elucidate the possibilities, drawbacks, concerns and endeavours of interdisciplinary approaches in Indian art practices.

The theme of the discussion is also one of Kalayog Art Collective's focus - bringing together artists, poets, performers, filmmakers and writers from diverse fields together on one platform while creating a dialogue across practices and communities. Through this panel discussion, which was preceded by a series of talks with artists (available on the collective's Facebook page), this non-profit organisation intends to further their quest to analyse, reflect and archive diverse artistic practices.

Panellists -
Suresh BV is Professor at SN School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. He is an eminent artist and art educator, who has exhibited his works widely in India and abroad.

Shivaji K Panikkar is one of India's foremost art historians and art educators, who currently teaches at Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Sanchayan Ghosh is a renowned artist and art educator, who was educated in and currently teaches at Santiniketan, Viswa Bharati University.

Shukla Sawant is an art educator, with a significant body of work as an art critic. She currently teaches at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU.

Shatavisha Mustafi is a curator, writer and art student who has presented her across India. She currently pursues her MPhil in Visual Students from SAA, JNU.

About Kalayog
Kalayog Art collective is a platform for poets, performers, filmmakers, writers and artists from all disciplines. As the name suggests, Kalayog aims to blend the art worlds by blurring its boundaries. This collective acts as a bridge between 'kalakar' and 'kalapremi' while bringing together arts from all over India. Kalayog provides an accessible platform for upcoming artists and art writers to present their work. The collective further undertakes archival projects which would help individuals as well as institutions to access these contents without any monetary barriers. Ultimately, Kalayog will be a platform to help artists to be seen, heard, and recognised globally.
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