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Published: Mon Jan 25 2021

To begin with, let's talk about real services of promotion in TikTok. And this is the thing - there are not so much good ones, and the one best between others is TikTop. With encouraging reputation and reviews.

To avoid confusion, let's define the terms. TikTop is mass video viewing in the TikTok cloud. To launch this service, user need to connect its accounts, where the other users can view videos from other people's account names.

Why is this necessary?

For comparison, let's take mass promotion. The user subscribes to the account of the person they like. The person in the feed sees the client's video and can subscribe right there in response. Or go to search, find a profile and subscribe there. In other words, the simplest thing a person can do is subscribe.

Traffic to a profile is an increase in coverage. Reach - this is an improvement in the rating seen, more likely that client's videos will be seen.

In addition, since the TikTop service appeared only recently, TikTok does not yet know how to deal with them, and therefore there are no restrictions on it. This means that the probability of getting a temporary or permanent account lockout tends to zero.

How to set up video TikTok massviewing

For example, let's take the TikTop service and find out how to start mass viewing in It. The service has a trial period of 3 days. This is enough to make a test run of viewing stories.

When selecting hashtags or a user audience as a source, the client will simply need to add them to the list.

In General, it is a very difficult task to gather an audience for promotion. The client doesn't need to collect millions of accounts in views of their video.

This service can handle this.

Therefore, competitors will have exactly the same chances as the client (with the exception of someone from the Kardashians). So here you need to work for coverage and do not forget about loyalty. Take a look at your subscribers ' videos.

But don't be afraid of a lack of audience. Even if the client has a niche audience or a small company, it is possible to gather the entire audience of the necessary locality and constantly pursue it through the media.

For a mass viewing service, it is important to reach as many people as possible. There are no restrictions, and no filters are needed. In fact, it is the presence of video that already serves as a kind of activity filter. After all, if a person released a video, they were active at least 24 hours ago.

If the client has a very large audience, you can try to exclude commercial accounts, accounts without avatars, and foreigners.

Choose the BEST and never stop there. This is the General idea of the TikTop service. With all the tips, users can do their best to develop their own account.

This technology has shown high efficiency for several months and is gaining momentum. Now is the right time for this service, and new customers will be among the first.

The tiktop algorithm of the mass viewing service is completely self-educated and is able to track TikTok restrictions in order to strictly follow them. Since the security of client's account is a top priority for the service, customers have no reason to worry about buy tiktok followers.

As part of mass video viewing, a blogger gets the opportunity to interact with millions of users, while likes and subscriptions are not limited to just thousands.

It's no secret that "videos" have recently become a very prominent phenomenon in TikTok and other social networks with 550 million views. In 2020, the user will get even more opportunities to promote their brand and business using the app. To properly apply this TikTok trend, the client needs to adhere to consistent loading and the style and design of the content that is promoted by the user. It is assumed that specialists are behind these positions. This can make it easier to promote your account, especially when creating unique content and products.
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