MeNeighbour Launches a Privacy-First & Ad Free Social Network for Neighbourhoods

From: MeNeighbour
Published: Thu Jan 28 2021

MeNeighbour ( is a privacy-first ad-free neighbourhood social network built to provide a safe and secure socializing space for all age users. The hyperlocal geographically and free-to-use platform helps neighbours to connect and stay informed of local community news, local business services, social meetups, community events, and more.; therefore fostering a friendly, safe and socially connected virtual neighbourhood. MeNeighbour is different from all other socializing sites, a user's data is not shared or sold to any third-party providers, which protects people from data mining and unwanted ads.

With the core objective to help foster a safe environment: "When my 11 years old asked me to register to social media platforms, I knew I had to find a better friendly place for our children to connect without the scare of their data being stolen from them" says Sudhakar Atmakuru, CEO and founder of MeNeighbour. The platform prevents any form of cyberbullying from occurring as it is strictly monitored. It is a safe, fun and private alternative for younger children to other platforms. It is a site where parents can monitor their children's activity on the network with instant updates. Plus, parental permissions and controls safeguard kids' online activity, providing extra peace of mind.

Privacy is paramount on MeNeighbour as it's designed with user privacy and safety as the main attractive component of its platform. The account hierarchy system ensures all required safety features, guidelines and policies are in place to protect people. The platform places neighbours and their family members completely in charge of their social media experience. No unwanted ads, no data mining, no unauthorized surveillance no exceptions.

Now more than ever, reaching out and connecting with fellow neighbours is important as it provides countless benefits including access to resources, information, and support, and an increased definite sense of collectivity. MeNeighbour is the platform that will help build these connections with surrounding people the neighbours so neighbourhoods can stay connected safely and intelligently.

About MeNeighbour The MeNeighbour application is a social networking platform where users connect with others to socialize and build deeper connections in their neighbourhoods. Designed with privacy and safety in mind, the neighbourhood social network is advert-free and child-friendly where even an under-13 child can connect and socialize with other child users in the neighbourhood under parental watch.

MeNeighbour (, emerged in its form in 2019 after years of testing. It is only when tech-savvy Sudhakar Atmakuru - also the owner of the parent company JT TechnoSoft Inc., based out of Canada, did finish conducting hours of research about privacy violations and data monitoring that he decided to go ahead with the launch of the data secured platform.
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