Let Your Hands & Fingers be Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Published: Thu Jan 28 2021

How would you describe your hands and fingers, petite and slender or long and wide? When it comes to our clothing choices, we can seek to tailor our wardrobe style to suit our individual body shapes. Engagement rings are no different, a ring style that works well for your individual hands and fingers, may not complement someone else's.

Like with body shapes and clothing, hand and fingers are no different when it comes to engagement rings. A ring style that works well for your individual hands and fingers, may not complement another's. So, to narrow down your search and get closer to finding the perfect ring, start with a closer inspection of the hands and fingers you're buying for.

Whether you're choosing an engagement ring with your partner or, there's a surprise element involved and you're selecting for another, you can seek some digital buying support from Angelic Diamonds' interactive engagement ring calculator. The good news is, it can all be done at home and there's no need to visit a store in person.

After completing a series of short questions via Angelic Diamonds' quiz, you'll be offered a ring recommendation, covering: shape, diamond & clarity, band colour and setting type. It really is very straightforward and can help you take the first exciting leap in finding some initial ring style possibilities. Take your time, some things in life aren't worth rushing and an engagement ring is one of them. Here's a flavour of how the engagement ring calculator works.

How do I choose an engagement ring for long and wide fingers?

If your partner has this type of hands, then you have an abundance of shapes and styles to ponder over. From princess diamond rings to round to Asscher, all these variations of rings best suit those with long and wide fingers.
What engagement ring shape is best suited for small and slender fingers?

There are numerous different shapes that complement small and slender fingers from our intricate range of engagement rings. For a simple yet elegant look, round diamond rings and oval diamond shapes capture this perfectly. If you prefer an engagement ring that has a commanding and sharp structure, emerald or cushion-shaped rings reflect this.
How about an engagement ring for average-sized hands?

If your partner's hands don't really fit into any of these categories or are somewhere in between, there are many engagement ring shapes that can be crafted together to match this. Heart-shaped is an adorable and elegant shape that goes well with these types of hands. Not only that, but pear, cushion, and round-shaped offer a diverse selection of shapes to flatter their finger perfectly.

What else is there to think about?

After establishing what shape suits their hand best, you've got all the other aspects of an engagement ring to choose from. Then it is left for us to select the ultimate engagement ring to present your partner with.

What clarity of diamond should I choose?

When it comes to the clarity of the diamond, this is all based on their personal jewellery preferences. For those that opt for a subtle and discreet jewellery piece, a 0.30/VS1 clarity sized engagement ring will satisfy exactly that. On the other hand, for a big and bold look that screams luxury and expense, a 2.00/VVS2 clarity size is ideal. For a more classical ring that 'looks the part' for the perfect proposal gift, a 1.00/VS2 clarity size reflects this perfectly.

What cut of diamond looks the biggest?

Whether you prefer a subtle or a bold look to your jewellery pieces, one thing we all have in common is wanting our jewels to look as luxurious and expensive as possible. When it comes to achieving this, how big the diamond in the centre of the engagement ring looks plays the biggest part.

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular engagement rings to opt for. Despite being cut into a shallower structure than other rings, the 58 diamond facets they include are designed to reflect the light and make the sparkle more intense. It is the sparkle of the diamond that makes it appear bigger than what it is.

As for marquise diamond rings, they have a thinner and more elongated shape. Its long shape gives the illusion that the diamond is bigger than what it is. Although typically crafted together with a solitaire setting, you could opt to add extra accent stones to enhance how sparkly it is too.

For those that want their engagement ring to hold the biggest diamond centre piece, halo cut rings will satisfy exactly that. Creating a ring - or 'halo' - of smaller diamonds around one central stone will create a striking setting that exaggerates the size the centre stone. To highlight how sparkling the ring appears, opting for a white gold or platinum metal will reflect light from the diamonds even further.

The average carat size of an engagement ring crafted in the UK is between 0.5 and 1 carats. However, choosing a carat size that you can afford should be the ultimate determinant.

What metal should an engagement ring be?

Although many are quick to assume that traditionality is key when it comes to engagement rings, this isn't true. Don't let tradition restrict your engagement ring decisions! For a rather unusual and unique ring, rose gold is perfect. For a chic and more stylish colour, platinum and palladium metals dazzle with extravagance and sophistication.

What is the latest style in engagement rings?

Whether it be clothing, interior décor, or jewellery pieces, everyone's style is unique in some way. With this said, it is important to consider your partner's style preferences when picking the ultimate engagement ring. If they prefer a more elegant and graceful look, then three-stone, shoulder, or bezel rings are styles they will adore. On the other hand, if they prefer the more dazzling side to things, halo, vintage, or cluster style rings embed elements of bling and confidence. For those that opt for subtlety and delicacy, a solitaire engagement ring or a tension style ring will fulfil their style preferences the best.
How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Although the average amount of money spent on an engagement ring in the UK stands at £1,483, there is no definitive answer to exactly how much you should spend on an engagement ring. This should mostly be determined by your budget and how much you can afford.
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