Truepush Crossed 1 Billion Web Push Notifications in a Day.

From: Truepush
Published: Thu Feb 04 2021

Truepush, a free-forever push notification platform announced the milestone of sending 1 Billion web push notifications in a day. Truepush, currently empowers 25,000+ customers from across varied domains and recently released APIs and WordPress plugins to manifold their reach in the coming quarters.

Truepush, being the new entrant in the push notifications market in 2019, has achieved the milestone in a short period. From sending 22k web push notifications on a monthly basis to sending one billion a day sheds the light on the product developments and exceptional customer support throughout the journey.

The most common misconception about push notifications is that it's intrusive to users. However, according to Truepush analysis for over 120 billion notifications, the metrics like click-through rate and view rates are ten times higher than emails.

Truepush is expected to grow its base five times this year, without any external investments and plans to introduce a separate paid suite for emails and SMS. The push notifications will remain free of cost and further act as the acquisition channel for new products. This year would also mark the inclusion of intelligent delivery tools from Truepush.

Push notification is a niche market where the current push services combined have presence in less than 10% of the internet sites. With over 200 million active sites today, there is a huge untapped potential for the push notifications platforms to grow.

About Truepush

Truepush is a customer re-engagement platform that offers free push notifications for both web and mobile. From ranking #3 on ProductHunt to acquire 150% of MoM growth, Truepush has received tremendous applause for its remarkable success. Brands from varied domains like eCommerce, bloggers, media platforms, ed-tech, job portals and more are sending push notifications to their users daily. With the increased adoption of the tool and ease of use, Truepush has been awarded the best push notifications company in 2021 by G2 awards and grabbed four awards in different categories.

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