A Third of Unattached Women Enjoying the Single Life in Lockdown, Twice the Amount of Men

From: Hastings Hotels
Published: Thu Feb 11 2021

Hastings Hotels, Northern Ireland's premier hotel group, has just released the results from their Valentine's Day romance survey. Having asked guests about their romantic preferences this Valentine's Day, the survey revealed that almost a third of single women in Ireland say lockdown has made them realise how much they enjoy their own company and do not need a partner. But as lockdown restrictions continue to keep singletons apart, only 15% of men feel the same way.

It might explain why 24% of single men are using online dating more, twice the number of single women (12%) logging on for love, according to a Hastings Hotels romance survey of 16,000 people.

Both sexes, both single and in a relationship, were also asked to remember their first kiss - with one in ten rating it "horrible" - and twice as many women as men describing it this way. Most were aged between 14 and 18 when they had their heart-thumping first smooch (58%), but it was clearly a moment to forget for some.

With the Republic and Northern Ireland both bound by tough Covid restrictions until at least 5th March, the loss of our social lives has made 32% of unattached women realise they are happily single and don't need to meet someone, over double that of men (15%).

And with this weekend the most romantic of the year, the data also reveals that a Valentine's break away in a hotel is what couples miss most (50%), 29% are pining for a meal out and 11% crave alone time with their partner.

An impressive 30% said they plan to make an extra effort in lockdown on 14th February. Most (85%) will be spending the day with partners, 7% will enjoy it with family and a naughty 1% are saving it for their secret lovers.

Cooking a special dinner is the Valentine's gesture of choice for 42%, followed by booking a hotel break to enjoy after lockdown (40%), while just over 4% intend to buy flowers. The sentiment around the day remains strong, with 52% insisting it is worthy of celebration, with 11% believing it is too commercialised.

Asked if their other halves thought they were romantic, 65% of females said they believed they were, with 63% of males claiming they would get the romantic seal of approval from their partners.

"It's heartening to see that romance is still alive this Valentine's Day, despite the restrictions we're facing on a day we usually treat ourselves to a night out or some time away with our partner," said Julie Hastings, Marketing Director, Hastings Hotels.

"But like so many special occasions we've had to miss, we're making the most of the situation, either by cooking a special meal or booking a break away.

"The recent increase in sales of our Hastings Hotels gift vouchers and romance packages shows that our customers still plan to celebrate it properly when allowed to and we can't wait to welcome them into our hotels to give them an experience to remember."

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