The World-Wide Fellowship want all Polio Survivors to have access to Medical and Welfare Support

From: Polio Warriors
Published: Fri Feb 12 2021

"In 2019 The World-Wide Fellowship of Polio Warriors was founded as a registered charity to relieve the suffering of Polio Survivors who, like myself, are living with one of the most debilitating neurodegenerative condition in the world today, Post-Polio Sequelae. Within the UK there is an estimated 120,000 polio survivors, who living with the devastating symptoms of PPS, are not able to access medical or welfare support simply because the medical profession is unaware of this condition, and for the last 70 or so years has neglected and ignored the fact that this condition exists.

The charity is working to raise the awareness of this condition to every Primary Carer and GP, so that access to medical support is possible. A large part of this work is in the production and development of e-Learning materials that will be distributed to every medical college and organisation to support the learning that is necessary to be able to provide this medical and welfare support.
The critical method of supporting the sufferer of PPS is to develop the management of a long term plan to work with the polio survivor and relieve their symptoms of devastating pain and fatigue, respiratory issues, speech and swallowing issues, and in some cases paralysis.

The charity needs support in the development of these resources by the way of donations of any size, to fund the e-Learning modules and distribution to every medical professional in the UK. They have begun their project by distributing a printed and bound copy of their booklet on the 'Management of the Late Effects of Polio, to as many GPs and Primary Carers as they can, and with this funding, will reach every medical professional within the UK, to be followed by the distribution of the e-Learning modules that all medical professionals will be able to access as part of their Professional Development Plan."
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