Climate crisis a new source of investment opportunities in real estate, infrastructure & agriculture

From: R4 Advisors
Published: Mon Feb 15 2021

Two highly respected senior industry leaders have launched R4 Advisors to deliver ESG investment advisory and consulting services that drive outperformance in real assets. The collaboration is the brainchild of Tania Caceres of Risk Nexus, and Catherine Ann Marshall of RealAlts, whose firms work at the intersection of ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing strategies and real assets including real estate, infrastructure and agriculture.

They built R4 Advisors based on the belief that real assets have an important role in fighting climate change while driving investment results. They know that real assets require a unique lens and set of skills to achieve their full potential as capital markets begin to focus on climate change opportunities and risks.

"Savvy investors are turning their attention to aggressively capitalize on the return opportunities of fighting climate change", said Ms. Caceres, Managing Director of R4 Advisors and Risk Nexus. "ItÂ’s a signal that the balance has shifted from focusing on managing downside risk to accelerating the transition to a net zero economy while seeking high return opportunities, and real assets offer an important opportunity to achieving climate goals. This is the same insight that brought us to form R4."

Many successful start-ups have been launched by schoolmates including Google, Microsoft, and even Ben & JerryÂ’s. R4 has a similar genesis, although with a twist: Ms. Caceres and Ms. Marshall came up with the concept as executive leaders rather than college roommates.

They formed a study group as part of the first graduating class of the challenging Sustainability and Climate Risk ("SCR") professional accreditation program offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (!/scr). The challenge of running businesses in the midst of a pandemic while mastering an advanced ESG curriculum forged a deep bond and appreciation of their complimentary skills and consulting backgrounds. Most importantly, it revealed a shared passion for being part of the climate crisis solution.

"The pass rate in the program was around 40% and we were in a class with Ph. Ds and global executives so we banded together to improve our chances of doing well," said Ms. Marshall, Principal of R4. "The material covers advanced finance topics, and we realized working together was a winning strategy. Now we have set the stage to turn ESG into a winning strategy for our clients."

  1. Tania Caceres About Tania Caceres: Ms. Caceres is Managing Director, R4 Advisory, launched in 2021. She also leads Risk Nexus, a global real estate consulting firm launched in 2014 specialized in ESG strategy, integration, and risk management. It serves large corporate clients including leading Canadian and European REITs, pension funds, and global investment managers.

  2. Catherine Ann Marshall About Catherine Ann Marshall: Ms. Marshall is Principal, R4 Advisory launched in 2021. She also leads RealAlts, an independent investment consulting firm focused on advising institutional investors on global real assets. Launched in 2008, RealAlts advises both asset owners such as pension funds and insurance companies as well as investment managers.

  3. About GARP SCR About GARP SCR: The Global Association of Risk Professionals Sustainability and Climate Risk program, launched in 2020, is a global certification that tests candidates’ ability to apply a range of knowledge and skills critical to managing sustainability and climate risks in a financial context. The curriculum builds a comprehensive and global understanding of the facts, challenges, and issues related to ESG. It equips SCRs to become climate risk leaders by enhancing their skills to effect organizational change and to integrate sustainability standards into investment processes. GARP’s certification programs are recognized by the financial industry worldwide.

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