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From: Lode
Published: Fri Feb 19 2021

Lucid is proud to welcome LODE, Toronto's newest online retailer of pre-loved children's clothing and toys, to their lifestyle roster! Offering a wide range of products from super soft onesies to perfect summer dresses, LODE's carefully selected pieces are stylish, gently-used, and stand the test of time. Every item carried stands by their mission to provide little humans with comfortable and functional clothing at an affordable price. With new items added to their online shop weekly, it's no surprise that LODE is quickly becoming Toronto's premier destination for all things secondhand.

LODE was founded in May of 2020 by Nyla Obaid. Having grown up thrifting out of necessity, long before it was "cool", Nyla developed a knack for spotting great secondhand pieces. When her kids were born, however, Nyla found it challenging to find pre-loved children's items that were gender-inclusive, beautifully-designed, and in great condition. While some people might love the thrill of rummaging, she found it chore-like to sift through torn clothing and broken toys. Coming from a strong marketing background, Nyla knew that if she did the picking through, she could elevate the experience of buying pre-loved children's items. She quickly set out on a mission to make secondhand clothing and toys just as desirable as new items, and shortly thereafter, LODE was born.

Lode is committed to creating a more sustainable online shopping experience. Beyond selling exclusively secondhand and "rescue items" (bought from overstock or store closures), LODE ensures that all of their pieces are gender-neutral, so they can be passed on from one child to the next. In order to further divert fashion waste, LODE places a heavy emphasis on "upcycling". When they come across items that are stained, ripped, or otherwise unusable, they have them mended, tailored, or turned into something totally new. LODE's packaging is also now pre-loved by default meaning it's created out of things they already have on-hand. Combined, these efforts mean that you won't have to sacrifice style, comfort, or quality in order to shop sustainably.

If you are interested in selling to LODE and living locally in Toronto, you can email, or send them a DM on Instagram. Sellers are paid out 30% of the resell value within two weeks via e-transfer for the items they are able to take.

Lode can be purchased online and shipped anywhere within Canada or the US.
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