Augmented reality introduces four artists to over 15,000 homes in Loughborough

From: Graffio Arts
Published: Thu Mar 04 2021

Over 15,000 households are to receive mini Art Exhibitions through the post from four local artists as part of an innovative new project- The Culture Delivery Service.

The Arts have been one of the industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic. The closure of galleries, theatres and creative spaces has meant that this sector has needed to adapt and react quickly to these unprecedented times.

This is compounded by the fact that still, many in society do not feel that the visual arts are accessible for them, and as such many arts organisations struggle to build and develop their audiences, (which are needed now, more than ever).

The Culture Delivery Service is seeking to address this. With funding from the Arts Council they have commissioned three Leicestershire artists to create Augmented Reality (AR), visual pieces of printed artwork. Once printed, a mass distribution of the artwork will take place across Loughborough.

The artists are audio-visual artist Miriam Bean, (who is collaborating with musician, Josh Semans), soft sculptor Alison Carpenter Hughes and painter Thierry Miquel. Each are taking a unique approach to the use of AR to add an animated digital element to their work.

Steve Barradell, managing director of Graffio Arts, said: "The Culture Delivery Service is an ambitious project that seeks to make sure communities across Loughborough, regardless of class, cultural background, gender and age, have the ability to access art. We know that for many, there is a preconceived idea of what a Gallery space is, and who it is for. By receiving a mini exhibition through their letter box we start to break down those barriers, and over time, look to bridge the gap between those who actively engage with the Arts, and those who do not."

He continued, "The Culture Delivery Service is a celebration of the flourishing and lively visual arts movement that exists in Leicestershire and is also a recognition of the quality and breadth of visual arts activity with which the town and county is brimming."

Guy Boyle, creative director of Graffio Arts, said: "We have selected artists for The Culture Delivery Service with a powerful, but varied practice, who produce work that is usually best displayed within a gallery context. How will their work translate into pieces of art that land through a letterbox? The challenge is on! The goal of this project is to get work that is most often viewed in a gallery environment, through people's doors. This is a real creative challenge for the artists. We are using augmented reality technology alongside more traditional media to give them an extra vehicle to express elements of their work. You might only be able to say one thing with a printed leaflet, but you can say 100 more things if it's backed up with AR."

Artist, Miriam Bean, said: "As we are all currently unable to experience art in gallery spaces or auditoriums, my aim was to create virtual, three-dimensional spaces which can be visited using augmented reality at home, in addition to physical works that can be posted through a letterbox."

Artist, Thierry Miquel, said of his involvement in The Culture Delivery Service, "The Bone Idols figurines aim to provide the owner with hope, they represent a talisman of our times whilst we live through a Pandemic. Bone Idols are being produced in a flat pack, easy assembled design. The owner will be immediately able to engage with the different tactile materials of the object. This is utilitarian art which aims to bring together a community of 'Bone Idols' through the letterbox."

Alongside the printed artwork will be a selection of bespoke and limited- edition artefacts from The Culture Delivery Service website. This means that if people are inspired by what they see in print, they can purchase a piece to keep forever.

The Culture Delivery Service will start distributing its artwork through residents' letterboxes from the end of February 2021.

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