Burning Soul Press Announces Youth Writing Programs, SPARK & IGNITE

From: Burning Soul Press
Published: Mon Mar 15 2021

Burning Soul Press today announced the recent launch of two new programs, SPARK and IGNITE, providing guidance for youth in grades four through twelve to foster and connect with their creative writing skills, and includes an opportunity to become a published author.

Both programs target observation, esteem, and self-actualization within young minds, guiding them to write a prompted story that will allow them to identify their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical strengths and special traits. The story participants write will encourage them to positively showcase their own unique characteristics while also learning to celebrate and respect what makes other people unique.

Multiple studies show the benefits of involvement in the arts (creative writing included) for overall academic success. SPARK and IGNITE come at a time when many students are receiving education at home, through virtual public school or homeschooling, which has been on the rise due to COVID-19. These programs, offered by Burning Soul Press, are unique and targeted online programs for parents and sponsors wishing to provide additional educational opportunities for their children and teens.

Participants will be provided one module per week which includes one to two videos to watch and writing assignments to put learnings to practice, that can be completed on the students' and families' own time. Both programs include one weekly live group session, hosted by Burning Soul Press, with the program instructor, including a live Q&A session and story sharing time. SPARK is a three-month curriculum, with the first-ever session beginning April 1, 2021. The first IGNITE session begins April 15, 2021 and consists of a four-month curriculum.

"Our goal with SPARK and IGNITE is to help creative children and teens break out of this digital conformity and regain use of their imagination," said Lauren Eckhardt, CEO and founder of Burning Soul Press. "We want to encourage young minds to create their own unique identity through the power of creative writing and gain the self confidence, originality, and independence desperately needed at this time."

When parents or sponsors pay in full for a SPARK or IGNITE seat, another seat of that program is donated to a child or teenager who may not otherwise be able to join the program. With these donated program seats, Burning Soul Press offers the SPARK and IGNITE programs to a new organization, low income school, or orphanage every three months.

Both programs include the opportunity for the participant to become a published author with their story in a compilation book created by Burning Soul Press, an affirmation of their skills and hard work. The book will be available for sale online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites. Parents and sponsors can also pursue publishing through Burning Soul Press for their child's book.

Learn more about SPARK at www.sparkyoungauthors.com

Learn more about IGNITE at www.igniteteenauthors.com
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