There really is an art to solving the plastics crisis

From: PECO
Published: Mon Mar 22 2021

It may not be the first time that plastic is being used in an art form, but PECO stands to be a first of its kind as a model for sustainable plastic re-use. By melting single-use plastic and repurposing it into visually stunning artwork, PECO has set out to reshape our relationship with plastic through a method of making little treasures from a lot of trash.

PECO's mission is to create stunning visual artworks and be a model for anyone willing to tackle the plastics crisis; a mounting issue desperate for a breath of fresh, innovative solutions. PECO is not about glorifying plastic. In contrast, its mandate is to use plastic that does not get recycled or is not recyclable within our current system.

From Patrons to Collaborators

In addition to Signature Creations which are designed as single one-off art
pieces, PECO has innovated a way for paid commissions to become
collaborative experiences via their Collaborative Creation platform. Once a design is purchased, PECO sends the customer an empty box that they fill with their single-use plastics. This pre-paid box gets returned to PECO studio and the contents used for the artwork that they purchased. This is a fun way to engage patrons as collaborators - they get to enjoy a piece of art made of plastic that would otherwise be bound for landfill or the ocean. All creations are thought of via its founder Roger Brenninkmeyer who has over 17 years of design background having founded a number of studios and worked on even more client programs.
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About PECO
PECO stands for "Plastic Essence Collaborative" with two main objectives:
1. create stunning, original art pieces from melted plastic with unique designs as works of art;

2. encourage residents and businesses to use their plastic for the pieces they commission. We are a social enterprise and a model for how to tackle the plastics crisis we all live in. Involving the end consumer opens up the discussion and allows everyone to be a part of its solution.

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