PH Real Estate Brokers highlights its ambitions for the next decade

From: Shakespeare Communications
Published: Mon Mar 29 2021

PH Real Estate brokers, one of Dubai's oldest and most well-respected real estate brokers is making bright, bold future plans after two serial entrepreneurs have joined the company. They have become partners with renowned realtor Nick Grassick, and now plan to take the company to stratospheric new levels.

Established in 2008, the company is the name behind many milestones - Dubai's most expensive villa sale in 2017, the most expensive land sale in 2018 and the most expensive rental property in 2019, for example.

The two new partners are Mamad Kashani-Akhavan and Vahid Mazaherioun.

Kashani-Akhavan started his own real estate brokerage at just 18, managing to make a name for himself by selling a Central London property for a record-breaking £1 million in 1984. After building many successful global businesses, Kashani-Akhavan is confident of a great future for PH Real Estate.

According to him: "Dubai has become one of the most important cities in the world. It is blessed with capable and committed leadership. This should give investors every confidence in the future of Dubai Real Estate."
The other partner, Vahid Mazaherioun - who has more than two decades of real estate experience in Dubai - adds: "PH Real Estate has blazed a trail in the local real estate sector and its reputation certainly proceeds it. We see some fantastic opportunities. We are considering new revenue streams using our existing highly successful model."

Mazaherioun continues: "Our future could include development consultancy, building management, leasing, sale and acquisition of retail premises, office space, hotels and restaurants. We are also exploring the feasibility of providing financial and professional services."

According to the partners: "It's widely reported and acknowledged that the property market has surged in the last quarter with some communities increasing in value by 30%. The last time Dubai witnessed a bounce in values as rapid as this was circa 2011, and that rally lasted until 2014. We're incredibly optimistic regarding what may continue and the opportunities which may arise."

But what about more immediate plans - of surviving the pandemic-related economic issues?

The partners take a strong stance here too: "We are incredibly fortunate to operate with a business sector which is thriving and working within a city which has weathered the pandemic-induced economic storm incredibly well. If we become affected - due to continued problems in other economies - then we shall simply work even harder to succeed."

They add: "We have a combined partnership experience of more than 80 years and a strong, united team of winners. These ensure resilience in tough economic times."

PH Real Estate has been around since 2008. Under the leadership of Nick Grassick and his former partner, the company has evolved from a team of three to now employing around 70 top people.

As Managing Partner Nick Grassick says: "The key to our success will always be the quality of our people. At PH we continue to create a rewarding environment where everyone can excel through training and support. To make our expansion plans possible, we will continue to work hard in attracting and retaining top talent.

And the partners advice to a current Dubai property buyer?

"Simply to buy the right property at the right price. There is so much choice out there. It's therefore imperative to obtain honest and good advice before buying.

At PH Real Estate, we do not wish to be the biggest, just the best. We will always go the extra mile to meet our client's objectives."
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