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Published: Thu Apr 22 2021

The Greatest Show in the Ocean - The Big Splash Circus - is an exciting new children's book now available in the UAE, from Medina Publishing.

The colourful book follows our hero, Lantern Fish, on a journey of self-discovery, learning and acceptance. By the end of the beautifully illustrated 48-page book, we are taught that everyone has their own unique talents and that we are all special.

Dubai-raised author Karina Choudhrie is also a philanthropist, jeweller, gemologist, founder of jewellery brand K&Coand above all, a true believer in creative collaboration. She is passionate about story telling in all its forms.

As part of promoting the book's powerful messages, Karina is now offering FREE 45-minute online storytelling sessions and workshops for schools in the UAE.*

She says: "I hope the loveable, quirky characters I've created really help enchant and inspire children - that's always been my aim. And that's why via the website, there are learning resources - teaching plans for school teachers, and free activities and resources for parents, such as colouring pages. I think kids are far more sophisticated these days, and expect a lot more from a book than a flat story, and I'm thrilled to be offering story telling sessions and workshops that will help them discover their own potential through reading The Big Splash Circus."

The characters in the book - including Crab, Jellyfish and Starfish - all have special talents they perform in the circus, but Lantern Fish, a circus popcorn seller, feels he doesn't have any circus-worthy talents - until his friends swim up and help him discover his true potential. The relatable tale leaves kids with a sense of confidence in their own abilities, backed with learning resources for teachers and parents to explore the title's themes.

Karina adds: "The book's mission is to celebrate talent in each and every single child, spreading kindness, love and laughter. I'm passionate that children should be encouraged to bring their talents to life, and my book is designed to help them on their journey. The world is a beautiful place. Let's all keep it that way."

The Big Splash Circus is about self-acceptance, charmingly illustrated by K&Co London, and now published in a new format by Arabian Peninsula publishing specialists, Medina Publishing.

Medina Publishing is a young independent publishing company with a broad range of titles for children and adults. Its multifaceted mission is to educate and entertain, to foster cultural understanding - particularly between the West and the Islamic world - and to encourage respect for our planet and its inhabitants.

From its foundation in 2009, Medina Publishing has established a reputation for high quality books on the Arabian Peninsula, from academic works to illustrated children's books and the Arabian horse.

"It is a delight to launch such a positive and inspirational book for children after the turbulent last year and more. The subject is truly international. As an independent UK publisher with strong links to the GCC states, we're excited to be embarking on this venture with our UAE partner Medina Publishing LLC and author Karina Choudhrie, as we expand our children's books division." says Medina's founder Peter Harrigan.

"Karina's offering of free workshops to UAE schools to share her motivating message with children, teachers and parents perfectly aligns with our mission and that of The Big Splash Circus." adds Shelly McDonald, Medina Publishing's UAE Director.

The company is behind a number of other children's titles with accompanying learning resources - including historical account The Pearl Diver, pandemic-relevant Where is Everyone?, Discovering the UAE and the popular adventures of wadi-dwelling animal friends Lizard and Toad.

The Big Splash Circus by Karina Choudrie is now available via Amazon

*To book an online session with Karina, reach out to Medina Publishing via to arrange.


The Big Splash Circus key messages:

If you never try, you will never know.

Believe in yourself, for a special talent is within each and every one of you.

Don't give up. You should think of something you love to do. Then you will find your special talent.

To be good at something you have to try hard. So try again. Your special talent will shine through.

Celebrate the talent in each and every single child, spreading kindness, love and laughter.
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