Australia's Covid Help App 'Angel Next Door' Launches in India

From: Angel Next Door
Published: Thu Apr 29 2021

Angel Next Door, Australia's viral COVID-19 community help platform launches in India. This website aims to connect people all over India to help each other during the COVID crisis.

Angel Next Door went viral in Australia last year and it helped around 10,000 people within 3 weeks of the launch and received Australian national media coverage and applause from the government. In the rise of COVID cases in India, Angel Next Door launched an Indian version in 2 phases -

1. Crowdsourcing Verified COVID Resource Live - It is India's largest crowdsourcing verified covid resource mission. The platform work as a real-time resource (oxygen cylinder, ICU and normal beds, plasma and food) status platform that is updated live by the general public & an automated verification system that pings the suppliers twice a day and gets them to update the stock availability. The platform is self-regulatory and self-monitoring. -

Anyone requiring urgent help in finding an oxygen cylinder or getting a remdesivir injection can head over to the Angel Next Door site and explore the COVID resource tool that has supplier contact details and stock availability information updated by locals.

The site is developed and supported by Aamir Qutub and his team of distinguished angel ambassadors and warriors.

"Angel Next Door is created with the sole reason of giving it back to the community. It has ignited kindness and established humanity when thousands of Aussies stepped up to help their neighbours and strangers during the crisis. That is why we launch this Indian version of the non-profit community-driven venture to help save lives as the seconds tickled by", said Aamir Qutub, founder of Angel Next Door and chief executive and founder of Enterprise Monkey- a multinational digital firm with a presence in four countries.

"The unique aspect of this platform is that one can update it in real live time and real people can help the community in need of time. Within a night of the launch, 800+ verified information have been updated and an automated verification system pings the suppliers twice a day to re-verify the info given", continued Aamir.

The COVID resource platform was able to help 100+ people within 3 days of launch in India. Mr Piyush Mishra, residing in Gurugram, Haryana, was in need of oxygen cylinders for his father. He tried to get leads through Instagram stories, but it was of no help. He was informed about the Angel Next Door covid resource platform and immediately searched for the available leads, and within 2 minutes he was able to reach out to a verified supplier who helped him with free delivery as well. Piyush's father is now stable and will be discharged from the hospital within a few days.

Another person who reached out to the Angel Next Door team was Ms Huma Saifi, a resident of Delhi. She was in urgent need of the ICU bed for her relative. She got to know about the crowdsourcing platform through a tweet, and without wasting her time over finding leads through social media, she searched for verified leads over Angel Next Door platform. "I was connected with a verified supplier in the first call itself which was a big relief, and he helped me within 5 hrs of the call", said Huma.

2. The full Angel Next Door website has been launched in the extension of Crowdsourcing Verified COVID Resource Live. It is intended to link people who could use a helping hand with those willing to give - a real-life 'angel' in their area.

"Everyone in the world has been through hell since last year due to the pandemic, and I believe that little acts of kindness can make a big difference and restore hope in people's hearts", said Aamir.

He stressed the website had safety guidelines for seekers of help and providers and all data was securely encrypted.

Australian Idol singer and presenter Kim Cooper who led the Angel Next Door campaign in Australia said, "During this time, it's so important that we come together as a community to support those around us."

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