Impactree's Action Parties Build Teamwork Through Collective Action

From: Impactree
Published: Tue May 04 2021

Three out of four employees rate teamwork and collaboration as "very important," transcending generational, economic and social divides. Simultaneously, a growing majority of employees are looking for their employers to be socially conscious. If both collaboration and social responsibility are crucial to a healthy, happy workplace; why not do both at once with an Action Party?

Our platform is built to give companies a powerful and turn key solution which empowers employees to take action on the social, economic and environmental issues they each care about most. These allow individuals to create their own impact journey as part of a company's collective impact, while simultaneously giving companies transparency into the full impact of their community.

Once the pandemic had employees meeting virtually, we began thinking about how we could turn the Zoom Happy Hour into a teambuilding, impact-oriented event? The answer just came to us organically as we were hosting our own fun virtual events for friends and family in what we called Action Parties. We now lead Action Parties for our partners (which include Alter Eco, The Body Shop, Dr Hops, Shop LC, Bluestone Life, Intuitive Digital, major universities, and many more).

Action Parties are a turnkey solution which yield incredible results, successfully nurturing a sense of community and teamwork through social engagement. Action Parties bring employees together in-person or virtually for a brief (30-90 minute) meeting where they take action as a community.

Developing deeper relationships with employees has been proven to increase productivity and employee mental and physical health. When a company nourishes an employee's human desire to do good in the world, they create a personal engagement and connection. Not only is this better for the individuals of a company, but deep engagement has been proven to increase profitability by up to 21%.

"Impactree allowed us to engage, empower, and delight our employees by coming together to take action on the issues most important to our community."
Michelle Long
Shop LC

At the end of an Action Party, employees leave feeling fulfilled, seeing the massive impact they and their team have just created. They feel rewarded, while your company can directly see what issues your employees care about most and how to maintain a deep and authentic connection to those issue areas moving forward. Instead of just another virtual presentation, unlock community impact at your next company event with an Action Party from Impactree.

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