Taking Responsibility: Yes, You can Make a Difference to Stop Climate Change

From: Climate Transform
Published: Thu May 06 2021

Following a harrowing year of forest fires, deforestation and general climate change debacles across the globe, Climate Transform assumes the responsibility of clarifying any doubts regarding climate change and global warming.

Climate Transform provides factually-based information for a climate conscious society. We have no affiliations to companies nor products. We simply understand that to deal with climate-related risks and opportunities, people need to know how to obtain information and how to implement it. We make it easier for you to make the right decisions.

Our Earth's temperature is rising and there are steps we can take to ensure that our future generations have a home. Stopping deforestation is one of them. Every single day, huge amounts of forests are lost and replanting trees is not the quick fix many of us tend to think it is.

Cutting down our precious forests is responsible for 18-25 percent of global annual carbon dioxide emissions. Yet we allow them to be cut down and look the other way when responsibility is called for.

This is just one issue that we can take accountability for but often decide not to. There are myriad ways in which we can, every day, take steps to ameliorate the quality of our planet. We can inform you of the best way to switch to or promote renewable energies, which should make fossil fuel usage obsolete sooner rather than later. In fact, there are ways to even earn some cash along the way by going greener, topics which we cover extensively and accurately in our publications.

Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Climate Transform is here to inform you of all the facts, causes & effects you need to understand to make the right choices when it comes to decisions as simple as which products to use, to more complicated ones such as which politicians to vote for.

Why should you trust us over other media?

Our articles are based on up-to-date and authoritative scientific data and information on climate. Our goal is to enable not just consumers but also those who make climate-related decisions to make the right choices. We provide our readers with the tools and resources to help them find solutions for climate change and, more specifically, deforestation.
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