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From: Action Aid
Published: Fri May 07 2021

We believe that reusing and recycling our 'waste' is key to creating a sustainable, healthy Earth and the best way to fight climate change. Our team of experts create easy to understand content that is based on science so that you can make the right choices.

Greenhouse gases and their effect on our precious planet is something every person should be aware of. We can only reverse the damage already done through knowledge of detrimental human activities such as deforestation, dietary choices, and our willingness to accept fossil fuel usage.

Our publication does not only raise concerns but also educates you in what steps to take to make sure your carbon footprint is as innocuous as possible. We understand that for most people, living fully green and off the grid is not just impractical but impossible. Therefore, we give you easy to follow tips to live more sustainably every day.

For example, smartphones cannot be recycled easily, but they are a necessity for most. In addition to precious metals, mobile phones also contain pollutants, for example in the batteries, which require special treatment. Simple, proper disposal of everyday objects can make a huge impact on the quality of our future lives.

We are not only concerned with regular day to day activities, but also with events that have a larger, disproportionate impact on our planet. We understand that the onus of responsibility cannot be placed solely on the consumer. Some of the issues we address involve large corporations that you may be supporting, inadvertently aiding global warming and climate change.

For example, did you know that fossil fuel companies are planting trees to justify continuing their extraction and burning of fossil fuels? Such moves often look like 'greenwashing' PR stunts. After all, what could make a company look greener than planting trees? Yet these moves are dubious at best. More trees will undoubtedly benefit the planet. But, unless we transform our energy production to clean renewable sources by 2030, global warming above 1.5°C is unavoidable.

On Action Aid Recycling you can find important how-to guides, which are always kept up to date, to increase your awareness on living sustainably.

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