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Published: Mon Jul 26 2021

Zproyecto, the UAE's homegrown healing and natural boutique for discerning clients, is now offering a powerful new range of women's clothing featuring healing crystals.

Zproyecto Chi Couture is a new line of dresses, abayas, lounge, swim and beachwear, offered both off-the-peg and customized individual pieces with a world-first natural healing element.

The renowned gift store launched online in 2018, but now offers the chance to view its growing range at a physical store in Dubai's Al Ghurair Mall.

Company founder and owner, Zakiya Dhiyab Hamed Al Zakwani, launched the business with the aim of combining beautiful handmade, natural products with her innate healing skills and knowledge.

And so, a range unlike anything offered anywhere else in the world was born.

Today, the culmination of her philosophies is embodied in the exquisite Chi Couture range, which, in her words: "Offers everyone the chance to enjoy our range, which combines fashion with holistic wellbeing - in this case, crystal healing. Many people are skeptical about crystal healing. I want to change that mindset. I want more people to experience a semi-precious stone's effect - at least through our clothing line - and we are sure they will come back to learn more."

Guests undertake a consultation questionnaire, and healing crystals are then incorporated into the Zproyecto logo and attached onto the fabric.

The abayas, for example, come in a range of fabrics including chiffon, silk chiffon, silk satin, organza, crepe, French lace and other specialist state-of-the-art Japanese micro-technology abaya fabric. While each abaya includes hand embroidery of different threads, beading work and high quality iron heated crystals, a cleansed charged and programmed semi precious stone is subtly incorporated into the Zproyecto logo.

These crystals work to improve different aspects of the wearer's life, tailored to their needs - like physical and mental power, manifestation, self confidence, good communication, self love, calmness and relaxation, eliminating any sort of 'dis-ease' as explained in homeopathy when a person is in any form of discomfort.

Zakiya is currently studying homeopathy, holds certification in crystal healing and is a strong proponent of natural, holistic healing. Zproyecto embodies her beliefs in its exquisite product range, which currently includes handpicked, hand-made products along with nature's gifts to mankind.

She says Chi Couture should appeal to those who love fashion and believe in the wonderful healing powers behind crystal healing.

"Our clothing works on multiple levels. We appreciate women want to look and feel beautiful, so we have created a stunning range of handmade garments in some of the finest fabrics. But we have also added an element which will give women that extra edge they might need - whether it's to give them strength, courage, help them face an ailment or resolve a worry or fear - we think Chi Couture combines the best elements of femininity with a powerful new aspect of fashion which will help them achieve their goals," says the creative healer.

The range can best be viewed at the exclusive Al Ghurair store, priced from AED350 to AED1200.

Bespoke customisation according to client preferences, size, fabric and colors can take just 14 days.

As well as Chi Couture, Zproyecto brings a basket of unique, rare and exciting offerings to the discerning UAE market, including a handpicked range of healing crystals, home d├ęcor, healing jewellery, Hojari Omani frankincense, handmade meditation carpets and mats and handmade candles and incense.
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