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Published: Mon Aug 09 2021

Author Mimi Nicklin created global waves in the business world after releasing her book, 'Softening the Edge' which describes how we all need more empathy, and how business leaders can balance humanism and capitalism.

Now, the creative entrepreneur , keynote speaker, podcast host and leading empathy advocate is set to cause a paradigm shift in global business thinking with the launch of the world's first organisational empathy platform, Empathy Everywhere, which manifests her authentic passion to drive better business via deeper understanding of the science and art of empathy, communication and human understanding.

Mimi wants to inspire more business leaders to employ emotional intelligence and understanding in the workplace - and in every aspect of life. She calls this approach 'Regenerative Leadership.'

The empathy specialist says: "There's been a 48% decline in empathy over the last three decades, and we are now seeing an empathy deficit all over the world. My vision is to offer training, education and organisational solutions that offer brands and businesses a process to create more inclusive wellness, connected culture, workplace performance, creativity and marketing effectiveness.

"I believe, based on more than 15 years of experience , that empathetic influence is our most critical human and scientifically validated skillset. The ability to connect authentically as people has the power to not only change our business performance, but to change the shape of our world."

Through the website, businesses and business leaders can understand and acquire the critically-needed new skills for the new era, particularly as the business world looks to adapt to the monumental set of changes that Covid-19 sparked.

Backing her theories with a series of lectures, podcasts and her book, Mimi's mission is to help create more sustainable and inclusive wellness in the workforce, encourage deeper understanding in the workplace, and to define the future of effective leadership.

Driven by the pursuit of bringing conscientiousness to the role and impact of Regenerative Leadership, with a desire to make the world of work a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably healthy place to be, 'Softening the Edge' is her debut book.

The book, from Dubai's leading conscious book publisher, The Dreamwork Collective, delivers a strong message of how we will must harness empathy to influence and genuinely connect with people on a deeper level. She aims to reverse 30 years of declining global empathy levels and to fill the gaps plaguing our workplaces, teams and marketing.

As with the Empathy Everywhere online platform, 'Softening the Edge' explores a more effective, more human way to do business. The book speaks to a cross generational group of managers and leaders who are looking for ways to work and lead that don't go against their personal values.

"Post-pandemic, I believe we are all keen to look into better ways of working. Our new reality, as we return to the office, demands for more conscientious thinking and a far more balanced relationship between the members of an organisation. It isn't just the planet and our societies that need regenerative thinking today, we also need regenerative relationships in our teams if we are to inspire our teams to truly thrive. Empathy Everywhere, and my book, offer an answer to formalising this critical shift to understanding driven organisations and business growth" says the change advocate.

The insightful book aims to inspire and challenge in equal measure. It reveals how to successfully harness emotional intelligence to influence and genuinely connect with people on a deeper level.

Ultimately, 'Softening the Edge' will help you to future-proof and evolve the way you do business.
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