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Published: Mon Oct 18 2021

Continuing its mission to spread natural happiness, House of Pops' extensive range of all-natural ice pops is spreading across Dubai

[October 17, 2021, Dubai] - House of Pops, everyone's favourite all-natural brand of ice pops and ice creams, is branching out across Dubai with the opening of no less than seven new carts, kiosks and even a store.

The ground-breaking ice pops and ice creams combine natural ingredients, hand-crafted recipes, sustainability and happiness in an unforgettable treat - and soon people from all over the world will enjoy the homegrown pops, thanks to two carts opening at the Expo 2020 site.

You'll find one in the Expo Village food truck zone, and one conveniently and appropriately positioned between the UAE and Saudi Arabia pavilions at Expo 2020, opposite the popular Al Baik fast food restaurant.

"Expo2020 is a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce our pops to not only a whole new audience, but a global new audience! We are so excited to be able to offer our full product range to everyone visiting Expo," says company co-founder, Marcelo Sancho.

A key pillar of the Expo is sustainability, a concept which permeates everything House of Pops does. "We couldn't claim to be bringing happiness to the world if we were harming it in any way," explains Sancho.

The distinctive, colourful carts are instantly recognisable, and are sure to draw in the crowds, keen to try a treat that packs fresh organic natural flavours and doesn't leave you feeling guilty or bloated.

La Mer - the Jumeirah beach side leisure zone - is also being graced with a groovy House of Pops Happiness Cart. Punters pursuing pops should seek out the brightly-decorated cart on the walkway, opposite Sikka Café. What's also good to know is the anytime treat will be pretty much available any time at this location - with the cart offering up pops from 10am to midnight, seven days a week.

Already an iconic Dubai brand, House of Pops is also set to be seen beside the city's latest icon - Dubai Eye - where a stunning kiosk will be serving up treats as beautiful as the views from the Dubai Eye from October 15th. Grab a pop anytime between 10am and midnight.

Next, House of Pops will again be appearing at the ever-popular Ripe markets - at the Police Academy Park in Al Sofouh - which take place every Friday and Saturday until May 2022. There'll also be a cart at the Ripe by the Bay Market at Dubai Festival City, every day from 4pm-10pm until May 2022.

Finally, the House of Pops team can be found pushing pops at a beautiful brand-new store within the American pavilion at Global Village. From October 23, pops will be available at the family-friendly site from 10am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Marcela Sancho, adds: "Our rapid expansion across the entire city stands as testament to the popularity of our products. We know people want a snack that's healthy, nutritious and satisfying, and we want to make sure people can get their hands on a pop wherever and whenever they want one."

Offering a chance for everyone to indulge in its guilt-free snacks, the House of Pops range is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, refined sugars, and rich in fibre. They are a fun, delicious way to get closer to your 'Five A Day' - and with an ever-growing selection of lovingly-crafted tropical and traditional ice pop flavours in its Happiness, Keto, and Royal range, you're spoilt for choice, too.

The taste of nature on a stick

House of Pops' fruit-forward ice pops are vegan and feature just five or six natural ingredients. Its winning recipes are the secret behind its hand-crafted ice pops.

The Happiness range is essentially super tasty, super healthy frozen fruit on a stick. While there's a 'Fancy Choco' (cocoa and coconut) one in the range, the rest are fruit and natural sweeteners - but in awesome flavour combos like Super Strawberry, Galactic Lime, Crazy Coconut, Blackberry Lemonade and Pineapple Basil.

If Keto (high fat, low carb) is your thing, grab one of House of Pop's keto range, which is more akin to ice cream - but unlike any ice cream you've ever tasted before. Featuring organic coconut milk and cream, natural fruits and natural sweeteners, these guilt-free treats also feature vegetable fibre for extra health benefits. You can choose from Strawberry, Coffee, Vanilla or Chocolate flavours.

Royal Pops are larger - and dare we say, even more indulgent, ice cream bars, studded with real fruit pieces, making them the perfect healthy snack. The funky flavour catwalk includes indulgent Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, Coconut Strawberry and Mango Strawberry.

Happiness Pops and Keto ice creams come in 80ml servings, while the Royal Pops clock in at 123ml.

Good for people, good for the planet

With purity and people at the heart of its brand, and fully committed to nature, House of Pops strives to be good for its customers and the environment. It takes pride in plastic-free biodegradable packaging. The packaging can also be tailored for special occasions, making its allergen-free ice pops perfect for friends and family.

The 80ml varieties are AED 20, while the 123ml Royal Pops are AED 25. House of Pops can also bring the "cool" factor to companies, festivals, and events with its catering service. Cool down from the comfort of your couch with House of Pops delivered to your door through Deliveroo, Talabat, and Zomato. And you'll definitely want to hit up the multi-pack offers delivered straight to your door!
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House of Pops is on a mission to spread natural happiness one pop at a time. Our all natural, five ingredient healthy snack pops are up to 94% fruit, handcrafted with love. Our products are 100% natural, following UAE consumer demand for healthier, tasty snacks and treats. Our brand is steeped in six value propositions - purity, wellness, sustainability, creativity, customisation and craftsmanship. Try one today and experience true happiness.

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