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Published: Wed Oct 27 2021

RAW Coffee joins AirZones' mission to make Dubai one of the healthiest cities on earth - way before the 2040 target

RAW Coffee Company, Dubai's original and much-loved specialty coffee roastery, is underlining its commitment to serving up memorable coffee experiences in the best environment, with a partnership with AirZones to ensure healthy and safe air quality.

AirZones is the world's first Indoor Air Quality Star Rating standard. The Dubai-based start-up makes it simple for everyone to understand which venues have clean, safe air to breathe.

And air pollution is now responsible for 7.2 million deaths per year, according to both the World Health Organisation and the United Nations.

Ensuring good quality clean air in venues, offices, schools and homes is now imperative, with AirZones created to meet the growing need to ensure we breathe healthy air.

AirZones has now installed the latest air quality monitoring technology into RAW Coffee in Al Quoz, to independently measure air quality and ensure it is some of the cleanest and healthiest in Dubai.

Kim Thomson, Founder and MD of the Al Quoz-based café and coffee roastery, says: "We've invested heavily in delivering the ultimate coffee experience, including making sure our venue is one of the healthiest in Dubai. AirZones allows us to demonstrate this independently to our customers, proving that RAW Coffee is one of the safest and healthiest places to go for a coffee in the UAE."

Matt Toogood, Co-Owner and CEO, adds: "our mission involves putting the satisfaction of customers at the heart of everything we do, within a welcoming and caring environment and AirZones really helps us achieve this - as well as prove it".

AirZones is already working with some forward-thinking outlets and organisations across the city as people become more aware of the need to ensure clean, quality air.

By working with AirZones, RAW Coffee is proving it takes the health and wellbeing of both customers and employees very seriously.

After monitoring the air at the Al Quoz site for a month, the data is then analysed, and AirZones can then advise on how to improve air quality, if required, before awarding their unique Indoor Air Quality Star Rating in order to clearly demonstrate to everyone how healthy the venue is.

Spokesman and company co-founder Chris Leighton says: "RAW Coffee is a market leader and early adopter, building their business on sustainability, ethical business practises, and environmental awareness. Given this pedigree, it's perhaps no surprise that Kim and Matt are among the first business owners in the UAE to see air quality as an important competitive differentiator in Dubai's busy food and beverage sector."

Leighton says he sees AirZones as the 'Trip Advisor' of air quality - with people choosing where to drink, dine, work and live, based on AirZones' Indoor Air Quality Star Rating.

"A lot of people already choose to go to RAW for their amazing coffee - but now they will go for the good air quality and healthy indoor environment too," says the AirZones co-founder.

Air quality boosts mood, productivity, and means people are likely to stay for longer and feel more satisfied at any venue with higher air quality, where they know they are safe.

AirZones offers easy-to-understand, independent clarity on where the healthiest venues to visit and stay are for customers and the public.

With the WHO and UN both citing polluted air as the number one environmental threat to humanity, AirZones' unique approach brings a novel way of addressing the issue. By working with organisations to improve their air quality, it is hoped Dubai becomes one of the healthiest cities on earth - way before the 2040 target.

AirZones is ready to talk to any company, organisation or householder who wants to ensure the best possible air quality. The company does not sell air quality improvement equipment or technology; it merely offers their independent rating and advice on improving air quality as well as promotion of the healthiest venues across Dubai at www.airzones.com.
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