Ugears 3d wooden puzzles and models

From: Ugears
Published: Thu Nov 25 2021

Today the market for 3D puzzles and construction kits is full of various offers. And it becomes obvious that the average buyer experiences feelings of confusion. Nowadays, not only children stack cubes on top of each other, this hobby is popular among adults as well. With age, the amount of detail and complexity grows, but the contemplation of the finished project brings pleasure to absolutely everyone. For those who want to get unique sensations while assembling the constructor, they should turn their eyes to Ugears 3d wooden puzzles. Thanks to an innovative idea and complex, diverse sets, this brand have been able to take its own place in the competitive market. There are both models for the younger and for the older groups of people.

Advantages of UGears constructor assembly

  • Versatility. There are hundreds of sets of various configurations and complexity to choose from, such as a hurdy gurdy and a treasure box among many others. You can choose a mechanical puzzle for any person, regardless of their age and preferences.

  • Development of logic and fine motor skills of hands. Assembling various UGears mechanical models improves understanding of the basic laws of physics, develops imaginative thinking, and stimulates the brain.

  • Ability to use the acquired skills in the future. Designers, architects, robotics - there are many professions where the ability to visualize and design will come in handy.

Ugears Mechanical Vehicles Series

ugears models

For those who come across UGears models for the first time, we advise you to take a closer look at this particular series of wooden puzzles. The main idea of UGears 3d puzzles is very clearly traced in it - a detailed, authentic model combined with a simple but fascinating mechanism inside.

In this series, the fan of construction kits will be able to get acquainted with a wide range of models of wooden vehicles - retro resistance cars, trucks, carts, as well as whole locomotives. As befits UGears 3d wooden puzzles for adults, they consist of 100% wooden parts that are connected to each other without much effort and the need for tape, adhesives, screws, etc. These 3d puzzles for adults will be a great gift for your fellow car enthusiasts and can also satisfy the needs of experienced 3D puzzle assemblers.

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